How to be a Hotshot Small Business Owner with a Bold Content offer that spins heads? By David Feinstein

To become successful, there must be a strong willingness to take bold steps forward.

All risks have some danger to them. Even the smallest risks can delay success or prevent it. To grow steadily is wise and takes much more than just knowledge, it also takes wisdom and experience. While people may see some small business take off like a rocket. One must think, how many different experiments had to take place before success took place.

Be One with Your Prospects, Create Content that hits a pain point.

The big wigs from the Content Marketing Institute. Google, HubSpot, and even Facebook had to start small and do their research. They had to gather data and analyze, put it into a marketing plan, and design content that may fail. They risked it all for small gains until they figured out that they needed to have a personal relationship with their audience. They created scenarios and had endless meetings over content needs. They experimented until they saw greater success.

A pain point can be almost anything that a prospect needs an answer to.

They can suffer from a lack of motivation, lack of financial freedom, or feeling overworked. These are only some examples to help you track down and nail down the pains your ideal prospect has regularly. You can then refine them down, create several different topics that can then be turned into subtopics and then turned into different content formats. Find that pain point and talk about it in a general way, then work down into more a specific area of the pain. Have your content lead them to your valuable offer.

What are Hot Offers? How Do I know it’s Hot?

Hot offers have a tremendous amount of value for the prospect. It happens when someone grabs the offer and loves it. They share it with friends and co-workers, and it leads to a chain reaction. However, the content offer must be so valuable that it is irresistible and it’s unique. This can take shape as a worksheet with a study guide, podcast, live chat, webinar with downloadable goodies, or a combination of educational material. It is not a coupon, a giveaway, freebie, discount, or bundled offer. These are good tools, sadly many people think this will make their generic content hot.

The content that is offered must be on an expert level at this point.

It digs into a specific problem and offers a specific solution. All the content before it should drive visitors to the offer page. Ever been in a movie theater, watching the previews before the main event. All your blog posts, social media posts, and other tactical elements are previews to the main event.

Track, Analyze Experiment and Measure or T.E.A.M Your content at every stage and adjust as needed.

Hotshots track and engage with their content. They will measure against benchmarks and try to raise the bar. They will adjust their content to meet the needs of their plans and audiences. They will capitalize on well-performing material and share it across their owned channels. You got this; you can be a hotshot business owner with great content that brings success.

David Feinstein
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