How to be a Prospect Magnet without losing sleep or the magic touch? By David Feinstein

There is a lot of talk about how to find more prospects.

There are plenty of good answers, but the most common answer is often ignored, and it causes the marketer to lose that “magical touch.” with prospects. Losing the right mojo, meaning focusing too much on getting lots of emails can hurt the quality of leads that the marketer needs to cultivate. Instead of trying to gain thousands of web visits in a day. Maybe focusing on the quality of information that is created should be the primary focus. Quality of information should be a keen focus and from this, the quality of leads increase, and the marketing effort can decrease.

Become One with the Magic Touch

How is the magic touch and being a prospect magnet related? The magic touch means that the marketer is hitting on key touchpoints of the individual prospect. Thus, the marketing content is valuable and draws in those who need the offerings that the business is offering. The material can be humorous, as long as it suits the personality type and desire of those who come in contact with it. The magic touch is the ability to craft such content material that reaches out and hits a touchpoint or two.

Don’t worry about being the prospect magnet just yet, having the magic touch will make the marketer into one.

What type of marketing strategy is being used? Is it targeting the pains of the prospects? Are the messages on the right channels? Not being where the prospects will decrease the value of the message and increase the effort of the marketing. This will put a huge strain on resources that have taken time to create and it may be wasted on social channels that don’t offer the right kind of attention for the material.

Decrease Wasted Effort by Proper Research and Targeting of Pains of Prospects.

The bold truth is this, bad audience definition will tear down a business faster than not having a marketing plan in existence. The marketing plan is vital in the fact it will direct efforts to channels and content types that the audience wants. These plans will change as a business grows and it will evolve with more details. This is a bonus for marketers in such that it will help them find and acquire the best leads possible.

When starting it is difficult to define the ideal prospect.

But, one can take a look at why they started in the business. They can define their actions leading to joining the company and go from that. There are like-minded people out there. The prospect persona aka buyer persona is a guideline in which a marketing plan is developed, and it can change. There is no limit on how many one can use. By creating a prospect persona that is based on what a dream prospect is. The chances to connect with someone that matches it increases by 75%. Start with creating a persona based on the demographics of the ideal prospect. Figure out the pain points and then create a marketing plan and execute it. Track the campaign with an analytics tool and measure the results. See what is working and what’s not. Make changes to the content and formats if need be.

You can do this!

David Feinstein
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