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The Network Marketing Magazine Company Owner George Madiou interviews Social Networking Association Executives Doris Wood and Jim Lupkin as the MLMIA evolves into SNA on Building Fortunes Radio with Peter Mingils.



There are three sections I will ask you to evaluate.

-The Company you are looking to join
-The Sponsor, the person asking you to join him/her on their team.
-You own self evaluation of just YOU!

Don’t rush… Take your time.  It’s your life and your commitment. 

Get your self a notebook and take notes, answer questions… it will help you make the right decision.

Best of luck… it’s a REALLY great industry and a great profession.

Again … Welcome


1) Complete Business Name, Address, Phone of the Corporate Headquarters.

2) Date the company started in business.

3) Approximately how many Distributors does the company have?

4) Is there any major geographical concentration of Distributors?

5) What is the company’s Mission Statement?

6) Type of Business: ____ Individual      ____ Partnership   ____ Limited Partnership   ____ Corporation ____

7) Description of products and/or services sold.

8) Previous owner/s.

9) Is the company a “Corporate” member of SNA?

10) What is the management/principals experience in MLM?

How long have they been involved in the industry?
In what capacity?
Have they had any previous experience as a corporate executive in an MLM company or companies before this one?
Are the companies they were corporate executives for still in business?

If no, Why?

 If yes, why did they leave the company?

11) Have any of the management/principals listed below ever been convicted of a felony?

  • President
  • Vice President
  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Training
  • Director of Marketing

12) Who is the company’s Attorney?

  • Are they experienced in the “MLM” industry?

13) Did the company use a Consultant?

  • What is the Consultant’s experience in the “MLM” industry?

14) Who does the company’s Data Processing?

  • What is their experience in the “MLM” industry?
  • Does the company have sufficient Hardware/Software, or are they working with a reputable and experienced Data Processing Company to handle day to day data processing operations and/or rapid growth periods in order to be able to keep up with paying commissions on time?

15) Do they have a courteous and efficient office staff?

*  (Management always starts from the top and works its way down, so you can get a good idea of what the people at the top are like by how their office staff treats you.)

16) Does the company have a business plan for how they are going to handle the possibilities for their future growth?

17) Has the company complied or initiated compliance with all necessary federal, state and local statutes and regulations?

18) Has the company registered or commenced registration in the states it intends to do business that require registration for MLM companies?

19) Does the company’s Distributor kit, sales aides and other materials, printed, audio or video, comply with current ethical and regulatory requirements in the MLM industry?

20) Has the company established a system for the protection of commission funds owed to its Distributors?

  • What kind of system?

21) Does the company currently owe any of its Distributors any back commissions that have not been paid within the last 60 days?

  • If yes, please explain why.

22) What is the company’s guarantee policy for (defective) product/s?

23) What is the company’s buy back policy (their policy for buying back “unwanted” product/s?

  • What is the time frame that you have to return the product/s to the company in order to receive your refund? (You should have at least 30 days.)
  • Will there be a service charge for returning the product/s? If so, it shouldn’t be more than 10% of what you paid for the product/s.

24) Which of the company’s products are the best sellers?

25) If the products are nutritional, are the ingredients FDA approved?

26) What is the delivery time for products and what is the cost of delivery?

27) Can my customers buy product/s directly from the company using my Distributor name and/or number and will I still receive full commissions and credits for contests etc.?

28) What is the basic percentage of people with this company who are actually earning a living in MLM?  Each person’s perception of earning a living is different, so you (the potential Distributor) can decide on a dollar figure for what earning a living means to you, per MONTH OR per YEAR.

29) How long will it take me to become full time or to earn the amount listed above?

30) How much is the starter kit?  $_____________.  What’s in it?

31) What kind of training does the company provide for its Dis­tributors?

  • Is there a cost!

32) Does the company handle the sales tax or are you required to pay your state?

33) Why should I choose this company over any other?


You may want to ask these questions of your potential sponsor.

1) How long have you been in the MLM industry?

2) Are you a current member of the professional trade association, SNA?

3) Have you ever been a Distributor for any other company?

If yes, what are some of the companies you have been a Distributor for?

                        A) ______________________________________________

                        B) ______________________________________________

                        C) ______________________________________________

4) Why aren’t you with them anymore?

5) Who is your upline?

* What is their experience in MLM?

* Are they current members of SNA?

* Are they supportive of you and committed to your success?

6) How, “specifically” do you plan to help me succeed?

7) What will you do if you aren’t able to help me with a problem or a need?

8) Why should I choose you as my sponsor over anyone else?


1) Have you tried the products?

2) Do you really like the products?

3) Do you believe in the products?

4) Would you buy the products at retail if you were not a Distributor for the company?

5) Do you feel these are the types of products you will be able to sell retail or can you consume the amount that will meet the monthly requirement for bonus?

6) Do you feel the retail cost of the products is comparable to the value and not over inflated?

7) Are the products consumable?

8) If the products are perishables, will YOU be able to sell them before the expiration dates?

9) What does your gut instinct tell you about the person who is your potential sponsor?

  • Do you feel they will be ethical and supportive?
  • Do you feel they will commit to HELPING you succeed?

10) Does the potential sponsor give you what sounds like a realistic presentation of the company, the products, how much money you could make and how hard you will have to work to earn that kind of money?  Or, do they appear to be “hyping” you with outrageous claims of “BIG” money with very little work and products that will do everything from clean the bathroom sink, cure hangnails, make you lose weight without dieting, cure cancer and, I almost forgot, “do windows” too!

11) Does the potential sponsor deal patiently with you and the questions you have about the company, the industry and themselves?

12) Does the potential sponsor take the responsibility to find the answers to your questions (if they don’t know them) and get back to you with the answer in a reasonable amount of time?

13) Does the potential sponsor encourage you to purchase large amounts of product up front in order to place yourself at a certain level with the company?  This can be a way of buying your way to the top of the commission structure? This is called front-end loading, it is ILLEGAL.

14) Does the potential sponsor encourage a balance between Retailing, Recruiting and Training? You must do all three for true financial success. 

Now go over the questions and the answers.  You’ll know what you own value system will stand and what you should do after reviewing.  If it looks good, go for it.  If it doesn’t, there are lots of great companies out there.  Most will check out, but check yours out.

IT IS A WONDERFUL PROFESSION… I know… been there… done that.  

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