How to Build A Solid Team and Move It Like A Legend By David Feinstein

Many people are struggling to make any money in Network Marketing. It’s not that they don’t have the desire. Instead, they don’t run their Business as a Business. Even if you are just starting out or have had a few successes, think of your Business as a $1,000,000 company. Only then will you have the desire to do whatever it takes to get you there.

Here are 5 Tips to help you Expand Your Network Marketing Team

1. Time Management

Time Management is a lie. You Can’t Manage Time. Everyone has 24 hours a day.

What you can manage is YOU in time. Take time to lay out a “game plan”. In your plan schedule time to study, schedule time to make phone calls, schedule time to email, schedule time to be with family or friends.

Stick with this game plan every day and manage it without failure. If you do “You can manage You in time” by getting the most out of your daily actions. It’s important to keep in mind that “You can’t Manage Time, but you can Manage You In Time”.

2. Stay Positive

How do you stay positive in a negative world? “Bad things will happen”. If you’re in network marketing, 8 out of 10 will turn down your opportunity. Even friends and family will tell you that your wasting time. Avoid the negative follow your “game plan” and your Management of YOU in Time.

If you’re “down” take a breath, set back, look at your game plan. Your attitude can be turned around. Keep positive and follow your game plan without fail.

3. Leadership

Leaders are confident, they know where they’re going and how to get there. Ever notice how you can get a group of people together and soon someone comes forward to lead? In network marketing or any business, the same principle is true.

Follow your game plan, stay committed, keep positive, and Manage Your In Time. I firmly believe Leadership is a State Of Mind. Believe you are a leader and you are, believe you are not a leader and you’re not.

4. A Business Not A Hobby

Treat your business as a business and not a hobby. A friend invested $300 in his business. His $300 was a Business Hobby. If he had invested $100,000 dollars he would do whatever to recoup his investment. Say to yourself, “This is not a hobby this is a million-dollar company”. Stay focused. Do something every day toward your million-dollar company, but take time to relax.

5. Learn from Experts

Let’s say you want to be great at Facebook but don’t know how. Find an expert. Learn the keys that made them an expert and implement them. Step in their footprints and follow without fail.

Soon, you will be an expert and others will be stepping in your footprints. Once you’ve mastered this skill move to another.

Experts are everywhere. It can be online companies, your local college, etc. Find a mentor! The main idea here is to take action and learn from experts.

6. Foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork

A team is only as strong as its weakest member, so it’s important to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Encourage open communication and support one another in order to achieve success.

7. Celebrate successes and learn from setbacks

It’s important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of your team, as this will help boost morale and keep everyone motivated. It’s also important to take the time to reflect on any setbacks and learn from them in order to improve and grow.


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David Feinstein
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