How to Create Huge Success With Your Network Marketing Business Fast…by David Feinstein

How to Create Huge Success With Your Network Marketing Business Fast…

Wow the competition is fierce these days in the network marketing business.

There are more people competing to recruit your leads than ever before, and chances are that if you don’t have the knowledge and skills to recruit these people that your competition eventually will.

But there is one skill that can set you ahead of the crowd faster than any other, and that skill is COPYWRITING.

Becoming a great copywriter or even a mediocre one that knows good copy when they see it can help catapult you to network marketing home business success extremely fast.

Network marketing once known for being a word of mouth business has evolved with the times and with technology, and now you’ve got to be on your toes if you want any chance of competing.

So What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is nothing more than salesmanship in print. Basically it’s being able to push people’s red hot emotional buttons and persuade them to take action on something simply by the words that you write.

However it’s not as simple as it might sound, and even those who are great at sales can have lots of trouble when it comes to the art of copywriting. So if you think just because you can recruit people like crazy face to face that you’ll be able to just sit down and write a great sales message.

You may have an advantage, that’s for sure, but it’s likely not enough.

You see copywriting is an art as well as science. Getting people to sign up to a home business opportunity through copywriting is a skill that you’ll have to learn.

Being able to systematically hit those emotional hot spots in a person’s brain is an art.

The science part comes in the form of testing. Creating copy that converts into sales or in the case of a network marketing business leads and new downline members takes testing. There various elements that needs to be tested including the headline, subhead, font color, and the actual body of the letter, the call to action, the guarantee, and even the P.S.

But the great part is that all of this can be learned…and once you get a sales message for you home business that converts at around 2 percent or so, then it can get continuously better by testing new elements of that page.

But it’s likely that writing the copy yourself isn’t the best idea when since learning curve is so huge.  It’s better to hire someone who’s studied and taken the hard knocks of learning the skill and what works.

However, it’s still crucial for you and your chance for success with your network marketing business that you at least know what good copy looks like and sounds like. This will save you a ton of stress and headache when it comes to hiring a copywriter because you’ll know what to look for, and what to test once they’re done.

Copywriting is useful skill no matter what endeavor you choose in life, but if you’re looking to succeed with a network marketing home business you need to start learning these skills ASAP.

David Feinstein

David L. Feinstein has been published by Pro-Publishing Company of California, for a series on Leadership books.

Exposure to business at an early age along with cultivation of artistic talent in writing is the background that David Feinstein brings to his business associates, prospective candidates and audiences alike. His experience throughout his career in sales and marketing and having owned and operated his own international accounting & financial management services company, is a key success factor in helping develop his international notoriety in the network marketing industry.

David and his wife, Ann have been significantly involved in direct marketing and direct sales for 21 years, serving as a distributor (team member), speaker, trainer, Top Leader, and author in the industry on a worldwide basis. Working together, they coach, mentor and train those seeking empowerment, greater self esteem and branding image, and training people seeking financial success and personal life freedom. David and Ann have grown their business that today spans over 40 countries with over 65,000 team members.

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Mr. John Fogg of MLM/Network Marketing, author of “The Greatest Networker in the World” has said the following about myself and wife/partner Ann:

“It's been a looonnngg journey from their "weird" first exposure to network marketing where Ann— a Park Avenue Research Consultant, and David— the owner of an entertainment management firm handling the careers of rock stars such as (the early) Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Michael Bolton, Cyndi Lauper, Phil Collins, and other famous others, found themselves at a meeting full of strange "new agers" from Sunrider— that was 21 years ago— to where they are today: Significant six-figure income earners with Agel Enterprises leading an organization of more than 65,000 people in 40+ countries around the world.

Above all else, Ann & David are focused on mentoring and leadership. Their combined expertise in recruiting, coaching, training and international development has made Ann & David much sought after direct sales business experts.

The Feinstein’s approach marries both classic MLM and the technology advances of the Internet and social media. The first people they have their new people speak with are family and friends, they do meetings, build for and around events and David even unabashedly asks people, "Do you keep your business options open."
David Feinstein
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