How To Delight Your Women Prospects Without Sounding Cheesy? by David Feinstein

Delighting prospects is important. It doesn’t matter what gender they are; a good prospect can mean business. However, it’s time to focus on creating a strong relationship with women that come to you for guidance. Women tend to speak freely about life and their experiences, so as a marketer it is wise to cultivate a good impression with each one. It is not going to be easy to please all of them and you don’t have too. It is important to realize that most marketers don’t have a separate game plan for male or female prospects. They tend to run with a general marketing plan that is not necessarily suited for

Prospect Profiles and Your Marketing Plan

The number one way to delight women prospects is by showing them proper respect. The second is clear communication and honesty. Here is a must-use device to help you cultivate a beautiful relationship with women candidates. This device is called a prospect profile but in the content marketing world its called a buyer’s persona. For the sake of time, it will be known as a prospect profile from now on in this article. You may want to build one for each gender, so then you can create content that builds trust, respect and desire to do business with you.

A Prospect Profile in simplest terms is a template that lists characteristics of your ideal consumer. It has some demographics, goals, frustrations, places they hang out online, how you can help section, and other data you find useful. Creating them is easy if you’ve been in business long enough. They must be built with real data, but the character is fictional. This helps with planning out content types, funnel stages and more.

Delighting Women Prospects without the Whine or Cheese

Once you have your profiles up and running. You can then create relevant content that meets the pains of each gender. The content voice will differ slightly. If it is helpful and respectful, most writing tones can get your message across just fine. Provide education in a way that is tailored to help your prospects along your sales cycle. Some women may need more educational content than others. Don’t be pushy or negative in your content. Always add hope in each of your messages. Life is full of challenges and to be negative is a good way too pushy anyone away.

Your content can be fun and cheerful while providing quality information. It doesn’t have to sound clinical or desperate. Focus on the profiles and develop material that will delight them. Get to know your prospects, run feedback survey’s and give away something cool. Respect your prospects’ answers and analyze your campaign efforts. Its’ ok to run separate campaigns to target different groups. Experiment with ads to see what is working for either gender. Be prepared to have an offer that will help your prospects weather the storm they are in.
Keep your offer relevant to the campaign. Remember, respect and communication are keys to delighting women candidates. Be helpful without pushing them away.

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