How to Destroy Your Business Operations within 30 Days and Gain a Ton of Stress for Free by David Feinstein

Procrastination is not a good habit.

Fixing it is even harder, but it can be done. Success doesn’t come to those who idly wait for it. Knowing this and changing habits are two different ball games. A good business takes time to build and a lot of effort. So, why would anyone want to slack off and destroy their efforts and gain a ton of stress from it? However, there are many warning signs that someone is struggling with. They may lean towards giving up. However, it’s up to team leaders to keep an eye on morale and help their teams overcome issues.

3 Critical Warning Signs of Defeatism

The first sign is the verbal element to defeatism, saying aloud that they will fail. The next warning sign is the withdrawal from a social, meeting, or other life-enriching events. The last sign is giving up when things are going in a different direction than what is expected of the individual. These can be addressed and worked on, but it will take time. Many times, even achieving success can make the individual have an anxiety episode. This causes a rising level of fear and stress and they have trouble coping with it.

Dealing with these people is hard, but not impossible. They may want to have their dreams fulfilled and be successful. They may not know how to go about it. They must recognize the fact they have a defeatist attitude and lifestyle. Once they understand that their attitude and behaviors are causing them to destroy their business. They can get help with changing their behaviors. As leaders, the only thing that can be done is to be patient until the individual is ready for change.

Helping those who want to change for the better.

For those who decide to make the changes. Some tools can help them change behaviors and thinking patterns. However, for those who think everything is ok. They will destroy their business within 30 days and gain a ton of free stress. They will quit the business, blaming everything else but themselves for failure. Doing everything in this article can either help one keep a business or destroy depending on the stance that the reader is going for. What about those who do seek help and guidance?

Everyone deserves the right to be happy and be successful in their lives. Be supportive and talk to them about their motivations and goals. Get them thinking and planning step by step actionable steps to achieving their goals. Help them focus on the future and help them step out of the past. The past is the past and it doesn’t have to repeat itself. There is hope, but it will take a tremendous amount of willpower and effort to take the right steps forward. They can do a journey, jotting down negative thoughts. They should include the day and time of the thought. This will help them grow in the right fashion.

Over time, they will have growth and see success if they are determined enough.

David Feinstein
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