How to Develop Marketing Skills beyond the Ordinary By David Feinstein

But because 99% of people consider this a job, they don’t really know the depth of it. The taste of high-income skill that will change someone’s life.

This skill has some elements I can break it down for you. Let’s start!

#1 Communication

Communication is the lifeline of network marketing. In the past, I diligently worked on my speaking skills. It was my daily routine, though.

I learned to convey my passion and belief when presenting the business. Active listening demonstrates care for others. Asking thoughtful questions draws people out.

In the last 10 years, I mastered presenting online through webinars. Writing blogs and social media posts spread my message farther. Communication is the vehicle for connecting with more prospects.

#2 Reputation

Network marketing depends on relationships. I also focused on building reputation with prospects and team members.

Following up consistently shows that I care about them!

Checking in just to add value, not pitch, nurtures trust. I share my own journey transparently. Being authentic about my experiences creates connection.

I offer support and encouragement freely. My goal is to help others succeed. Giving value without expecting anything builds rapport. Strong relationships increase retention and referrals.

#3 Leadership

You can market better if you have some leadership aura within yourself. It’s true.

Back in 2010 once I gained some success, I knew I needed to develop leadership skills. I invested time learning how to inspire and support my team.

Leaders attract other leaders.

My team grew as I empowered others to develop their abilities. I model the behaviors I want to see. My dedication and work ethic sets an example.

Then, you balance taking initiative with listening to input. My leadership style is both supportive and accountable. Even better, mentoring new leaders expanded my abilities. Leadership multiplies success.

#4 Learning Mindset

Experts never stop learning. I stay hungry for new information. Reading personal development books expands my thinking. Listening to educational programs while driving uses spare time.

I learn from mentors ahead of me. Attending live events charges my motivation.

Plus, I embrace feedback and criticism as opportunities to improve. Analyzing my mistakes reveals areas for growth.

Tip: I journal regularly to process ideas. Adopting a learning mindset led me to continuous improvement.

#5 Consistency

Success in network marketing requires consistent effort. That’s why, I cultivated a strong work ethic.

Even on bad days, I force myself to do something productive. Preparing mentally helps me focus. I break big tasks down into smaller steps.

Tracking progress keeps me accountable. Scheduling specific times for activities forms habits.

Eliminating distractions maximizes productivity. Persisting through challenges builds character. Consistency applied over time creates unstoppable momentum.

#6 Confidence

Self-doubt limited my belief early on. Seeing others achieve success proved it was possible.

However, my skills and knowledge grew with education and experience. Setting and hitting milestones built my confidence.

Long before today, positive mentors reinforced my belief in myself. Visualizing myself achieving my goals became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Surrounding myself with uplifting people boosted my self-assurance. Each accomplishment strengthened my self-belief. As a result, now I feel unstoppable in pursuing my dreams. And you can do it too!

#7 Finding your WHY

Staying motivated is crucial to long-term success. I anchored my motivation by discovering my big WHY.

My WHY is freedom and contribution.

When motivation wanes, focusing on my WHY renews passion. Striving toward big dreams sustains drive.

Tracking progress gives a sense of momentum. I celebrate milestones and reward myself for achievements.

Helping my team succeed motivates me to lead by example. Eliminating distractions maximizes productivity. Purpose fuels motivation.

#8 Provide Value, Not Product

Customers and team members want outstanding value for their time and money. I over-deliver on value by providing excellent training and mentoring to my team. I give them something they couldn’t get from anybody else.

For example, my content educates and solves super-specific problems for free. I look for little ways to go above-and-beyond expectations.

Following up quickly delights customers. When people receive more value than expected, satisfaction and referrals follow. Providing exceptional value is my competitive advantage.

#9 Abundance Mindset

Scarcity thinking limits possibilities. Yet, abundance thinking opens up potential.

There are endless leads globally. Social media expands reach. Automation frees up time.

I often help competitors succeed, knowing there are enough customers for all. Resources can be created, not just divided.

In fact, the internet provides unlimited information. Collaboration allows co-creation. I am gratefully open and optimistic about opportunities. I feel like an abundance mindset empowers achievement.

Final Thoughts…

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