How to Develop “Rainmaker” Productivity by Randy Gage & Jaime Lokier

Randy Gage
Jaime Lokier

It’s often said that success loves speed, but that is wrong.

A research study tried to identify what the most important entrepreneurs had in common and realized that in general terms they were extremely diverse. There was a huge delta in their skills, behaviors, and characteristics.  But they did have one thing in common…

They were highly productive.

Success doesn’t love speed, it loves productivity. You can work very fast, many hours, but if you do things that don’t generate any results – your future will be almost the same as someone who does nothing.  You’re like the hamster running full speed on a wheel. On the other hand, if you work without pressing the turbo button, but are focused on the correct activities, you can advance in one year what others take five.

In our business, in particular, productivity is extremely easy to understand, because there are only five productive actions.  

Or put another way, five “rainmaker activities” that generate income.  

Understanding what they are is the first step to growing your business.  They are:

1 Meeting People

2 Inviting

3 Presenting

4 Follow Up

5 Fast Start Training for new distributors

That’s because what makes you money is actively retailing, prospecting, and presenting. 

Or helping someone on your team to actively retail, prospect, or present.  Those are the rainmaker activities that spur growth and produce income.  So you want to devote as many of your 10 to 15 hours a week to them as possible. 

When you are clear about the productive activities of the business, the next step is to prioritize them.

It is useless to know them if you do not do them.

When you have an hour a day to build your network, you should spend it on these five activities. When you have two hours a day to build your network, you should spend it on these activities. Only if you can dedicate more than two hours to your business, can you afford to focus on other things. That’s why most people shouldn’t spend their time creating PowerPoint slides, organizing events, and developing promotions (or anything else you can think of to support the team). These actions must be aimed at leaders who dedicate at least four hours to their business, of which, like the rest, the first two must be dedicated to the five productive activities.

To give priority to these activities consistently, you must reserve the mentioned time slot in your agenda.

If you allocate two hours a day for it, they must be clearly blocked in your schedule and you must respect them as if they were a divine mandate. We used to boast to friends that we had no boss in this industry until we realized that this way of thinking wasn’t serving us.  Now we think in terms of the agenda is the boss.   

Ultimately, all that space on your agenda will be wasted if you don’t learn to focus.

What good are two hours of work if every eight seconds you look at your cell phone and spend five minutes watching the latest video of the kitten riding a duck that your aunt sent you? To be successful in your business, you must remain attentive to the action that corresponds to you at all times.

When you go on a date with your partner, you need to be 100% with your partner. When you are focused on your hobby, you must be 100% on your hobby, and in the few hours that you dedicate to your business, you will have to be totally attentive to your business.

Of course, this is not easy, and today is harder than ever! The largest and most powerful companies in the world are dedicated to distracting you. Facebook, Google, Netflix, and various other titans operate on a business model designed to distract you so you pay attention to them and not your business. That’s why you should turn off notifications from your computer and cell phone while you work; that’s why you should turn off mail applications unless you’re sending emails to prospects; That is why you must have schedules to check your social networks and not do it every time a bell rings on your cell phone.

It’s not going to be easy.  But success never is.  Be willing to pay the price.


Randy Gage is a network marketing icon, having helped launch the business in many developing countries, and training the top income earners in dozens of companies. He is the author of 14 books translated into more than 25 languages, including Direct Selling Success, Making the First Circle Work, and DEFCON 1 Direct Selling. 

Jaime Lokier is one of the most renowned Spanish-speaking leadership experts. He is the author of the best sellers Leadership Networks and Leaders Die, Movements Don’t.  Together they curate  a website dedicated to helping you improve your duplication and grow your team.

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