How to Develop Unbreakable Loyalty in Network Marketing By David Feinstein

But a few months later, the newness wore off. Obstacles arose. I was too focused on signing up more people to notice. Soon, she was inactive.

If only I knew then what I know now about creating real loyalty on your team.

Let me share some hard-won lessons from over a decade of building!

Back in those early days, I viewed people mostly as a means to an end. Warm bodies to sign up and make sales. What a mistake.

Now, I make it a priority to really get to know team members as individuals – their families, backgrounds, hopes, and dreams.

Building rapport on a personal level first makes people feel valued beyond what they can produce. Don’t just sign people up. Develop genuine connections.

Another misstep was not being clear about expectations. I sold Amanda and others on the hype and best-case scenario.

Of course, they became discouraged when faced with rejection, skills gaps, and slow initial progress.

Now, I’m very upfront about the realities of the business: how long skills take to develop, the typical challenges, and the time commitment needed.

Better to have people self-select out early than quit later feeling misled. Clear expectations are retained.

Back then, I was onto the next sale, leaving Amanda and others to fend for themselves. What a formula for failure.

Now, I realize that consistent mentoring is required in the long term, not just at signup. I check in often to answer questions and solve problems.

Access to my experience gives people the confidence to push through obstacles that might otherwise derail them. Don’t just recruit; develop.

In the beginning, I rarely took the time to recognize team achievements publicly. Big mistake.

Now, I spotlight milestones like first sales, rank advancements, and new skills mastered. This validates progress and motivates.

We all need proof we’re making headway. Recognition, though small, fuels belief. People work harder when progress is celebrated.

I used to think motivation and training had to come from me alone. Exhausting and not scalable!

Now, I actively connect team members so they can provide tips, encouragement, and accountability to each other.

This peer community fosters deeper bonds beyond just my relationship with them. Support that doesn’t rely on me alone retains better.

Back then, my frustration surfaced as criticism of team members who weren’t progressing quickly enough. So counterproductive!

Now, I realize my job is to stay upbeat and help people see possibilities when they become discouraged.

People need someone who believes in them even when they are doubting themselves. Your team will reflect your energy.

Early on, I avoided addressing critical feedback and outside negativity about the profession. I wrongly thought ignoring problems would make them go away.

Now, I publicly defend my team against unfair criticisms and accusations, providing facts, resources, and emotional support.

Knowing I have their backs against negativity builds fierce loyalty. Don’t leave your team to fend for themselves.

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