How To Develop Your Millionaire Mindset by Max Steingart

Results change when people change their thinking.

If you want to develop a Millionaire Mindset you first start with changing your behavior.

It is much easier to ‘act your way into new thinking’ than to ‘think your way into new actions.’

Recurring and consistent performance results will lead to lasting changes in the way you feel, think and believe in the long run. What does it take to become a top earner in your business?

What are you willing to give up in pursuit of your dream?

Stop kidding yourself. You must go after what you want.   You cannot strive for greatness and embrace mediocrity.


There are no compromises in attaining a dream.


Compromise is an excuse for not reaching your goal while you lay on your couch in front of your TV with a remote control and a glass of beer,  watching someone else living your dream.

Don’t be afraid of your ambitions.

If other people are holding you back, then you don’t want it badly enough.  And don’t try to tell me that you do.

Other people don’t stop you from dreaming.

You stop yourself.

You get in your own way, because you are afraid of what

you might become, even if that something is a wonderful thing.

To develop a Millionaire Mindset in network marketing, you will need to unlearn most of what you already know.

Your personal enthusiasm isn’t enough to be successful. There must be a shift in the way you think.

Network Marketing is based on relationships and personal development.

Without these two elements, you will not have a successful business.

You need to turn off activities that waste your time.

Turn off the TV and spend that time reading; listening to personal development audio presentations or watching videos on the subject.

Turn your drive time into personal development time by listening to personal development audios.

Attend as many live and online trainings as you can and start changing the way you have previously thought.

You need to understand, that your personal income will never outgrow your personal growth.

If you can focus and work harder for 90 days you will benefit from it for life.


One of the greatest habits you can pick up from millionaires is to do 30 minutes of reading every day.

Either every night before bed or first thing in the morning.

See the suggested list of personal development books provided.


How to develop a healthy, millionaire mindset:

  1. Determine your “why” that is behind your network marketing business.
  2. Learn to set and achieve the goals necessary to attain your why.
  3. Create a plan of action to achieve your goals and implement it.
  4. Prove to yourself that you are a capable person by consistently accomplishing your goals.
  5. Maintain a healthy attitude by remembering and focusing on your why.
  6. A healthy mindset requires conscious commitment to your network marketing business goals, developed and fortified over a period of time, due to a strong, personal why.
  7. With a healthy mindset, you will focus on your goals and applicable actions on a consistent basis.
  8. As you focus on your goals and on accomplishing those goals, you will begin to turn your conscious action into subconscious response.
  9. Once you finally begin to subconsciously devote your time and energy toward your network marketing business goals, you will now know that you have started to develop a healthy mindset.
  10. Sounds easy. So why do some people struggle with this skill?

A healthy mindset stems from your deepest desires for success in your business and in life.  People are not naturally focused on their goals.

It’s easier to just let the days pass because there is always tomorrow.

Such an attitude is not an attribute of the successful, and is a key indicator of an unhealthy business mindset.

Remember, starters are common, but finishers are rare.

Choose to be a finisher.

When you set your goals, see that you stick to seeing them accomplished.


To reach your goals set goals that are actually attainable.

There is nothing less motivating than consistently setting unattainable goals and then never reaching them.

It’s a sure-fire way to give up on your business.

On the other hand, nothing can be as encouraging and motivating as setting a personal goal and seeing it accomplished.

You alone are responsible for the goals you set.

See each goal through.

Do not make excuses that will allow you to brush your original commitment aside.

Use both rewards and consequences to hold yourself accountable to your goals.


Become A Product Of Your Product.

Use your products or services on a regular basis. It is helpful to have a healthy  emotional attachment to the products.

This healthy attachment will come as you consistently use the products and witness how they improve your quality of life. This will encourage you to share both the products and your business with enthusiasm and a healthy passion.

Company facts tell.  Stories about your results or the results of others sell.

Get On Your Companies Auto Ship Program

Make sure you are set up on your companies Auto Ship Program and train your people to do the same.

Remain on Auto Ship from the beginning even before you see your first check. Be passionate and excited to use and share the products as they come.

See that each of your partners and customers become loyal users of the product who order, consume, and share every month.

Thank and acknowledge them for their business and share in their excitement about the results of the products.

Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is one of the best ways for you to display your commitment and excitement openly. Talk about your products in terms of delight and gratitude. Talk about your business with genuine excitement and passion.

Practice, Practice, Practice  – Out Loud

Before presentations, stand in front of the mirror or someone you trust. Confidently smile as you share your story, your why and describe your business goals. Repeat this again and again. Your goal is to be enthusiastic at your own command.

Be Positive

Feed your enthusiasm. Fuel your dream with a daily commitment to reading and listening to books and teaching audios.

Associate with positive people.

You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Appreciate Your Mentors

Thank your mentors often and acknowledge what they do to help you succeed.  It’s easy to share your appreciation on Facebook. Write notes and leave emails. This will feed your positivity and encourage your mentors to think highly of you and give you encouragement in return.

Never speak negatively about your leaders or other leaders. If you do think something poorly of a leader, discontinue your train of thought and do not feed it.

Try to replace each negative thought with three positive thoughts about them, and move on. Accept their feedback with grace. If you can’t then search for another mentor.

Teach your business partners to do the same, and this will serve you well as a future leader.

Give Yourself Time

Remember that your business is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It’s going to take time, so don’t let yourself be disappointed with the time it takes.

Instead, acknowledge your efforts and successes, and seek to consistently set and reach attainable goals to make you feel like you are indeed making progress.

Commit to being in your business for 5 years and you will live a life most people dream about but never attain.

Be Teachable

Commit to staying teachable and learning the skills you will need to be successful. Share your why and your dreams with the people who will support your desire for success, especially your team leaders. Ask them to help you to stay committed.

Report Your Progress

Regardless of your activity or inactivity, report your progress to your mentor. Be consistent about it. Even if you make a mistake, always report your progress and express your desire to build your business. As you do, you’ll be encouraged to keep going even when you don’t measure up or meet your goals. Because of your report, your mentor will be able to offer advice and encouragement to help you keep going.

Be Involved

Participate in opportunity and training calls. Attend the local, regional, and national events and conferences. Become a promoter and promote all events to your team. Lead by example and show up.

Attend Conferences

Go to conferences! Do all you can to bring your team members. Be attentive at conferences and seek to apply the new things you learn. Talk about them and be part of the conversation.

Attend Trainings

Go to as many trainings as are available and seek to learn from the experts. Search for leadership opportunities and make it known to your leaders that you’re interested in developing your skills. Get involved by actively practicing the skills taught at these trainings. Also, volunteer to teach others the skills that you’ve mastered.

Attend Conference Calls Within the team, there are usually weekly calls to both inspire you and to answer common questions within the business. Be aware of what is discussed within each of these calls and be prepared to answer follow-up questions about it to get action going within your team.

Attend Online Events

Most companies now offer regular opportunity meeting calls and training on social media platforms and other company software to help you in your business. Check your company emails regularly so you are aware of when these calls occur and what content is discussed on them.

Take Ownership

Take ownership of your business. Be responsible and learn how to build your business. You’re not in business by yourself, but you’re certainly in business for yourself. With that comes the responsibility of ownership—benefits and difficulties alike. When you take ownership for your business and are proud of the decisions you’ve made, you will add to the skill of a healthy mindset, and this will help you to feel good about your progress and commitment.

Don’t Dwell on Errors

It’s in human nature to blame other people when something bad happens to us. Even if you’re 100% certain that a problem is someone else’s, do not dwell on the fact. Instead, focus on what you do have control over, and start taking action to resolve the issue. At the end of the day, your business and it’s success is truly your responsibility. You will, of course, have to work with others to make that a reality, but its success is determined by the owner—you.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

If you do make a mistake, don’t dwell on it. If your decision has hurt another, be sure to explain yourself and apologize if necessary. Teach your business partners to do the same thing and this will create a culture of trust within your business.

Keep in mind that when you make a mistake, you do not need to go out of your way to publicize your mistake, but you do need to be ethical and inform those who may be misinformed, misled, or poorly affected.

Be Honest

Strive to be honest in your business. It is very important to your credibility and reputation, as well as the company’s image and reputation, that you are always honest and truthful, especially when prospecting. Do not misrepresent the opportunity in order to gain favor with a prospect . With all the great things about your products or service, there is never a need to exaggerate or misrepresent your opportunity, or make income claims. Always do what’s right and never say things that could be interpreted as being deceptive.

Ask for Help

You can’t just sit there and wait for things to happen. If you have a question, there are many people who are willing and prepared to give you more information themselves, or teach you how to find information that you need. If you don’t know anyone to help you, find someone. Your business only grows when you give it attention. It’s all up to you, so take action and seek help!

Be a Success

Successful people find a way. Consider yourself successful right now. Let your thoughts, words, and actions line up with the desires of your heart. You are a success right now! Remember the saying— whether you think you can or you think you can’t—you’re right.

Redefine Failure

Failure is only failure when you quit. If something doesn’t go as you’d planned, learn from the experience, and move on. Do not focus on these moments, and do not call them failures. Look toward the future and keep pressing forward.

Reprogram Your Mind Your skills amount to 20% of what you need. Conquering negative beliefs and fear, and resetting your mindset amounts to 80%. When you have personal growth, you will also see growth in your income, so the best investment you can make is in yourself. Decide what your budget for personal growth will be for the next year and work toward increasing that every year. When you feel those negative emotions sneak up (fear, anxiety, anger, insecurity, doubt, guilt, uncertainty, resentment, envy, hate, etc.), the best way to conquer them is ACTIVITY. Prospect, present, and work on your self-growth.

 How To Develop Your Millionaire Mindset by Max Steingart


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