How to Generate Unlimited FREE Leads for Your MLM Business using Instagram #Hashtags by Timothy Hunter

“The Fortune is in The List”!  

How many times have you heard this? We all know that Quality Targeted Leads are one of the most elusive things to find an unlimited supply of, especially ones you can generate on an ongoing basis for Zero expense.

In the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross”, this point is made in one of the most famous and profane (guard your teenagers ears when watching this one).  But Alec Baldwin makes the point about the need for quality leads better than anyone.

Well, guess what? Social Media and especially Instagram have an unlimited supply for you to find with a little work and spending 30 minutes to an hour on Instagram you can generate your own specially targeted to your Niche market, every day, day in and day out… Are you Ready?

#Hashtags are what drives Instagram Niche audiences and your understanding of how this works is your key to unlimited MLM Leads for your business every day.

The way #Hashtags work is anyone on Instagram who is passionate about something will usually post a #Hashtag about their passion on all their posts. So example let’s just say you have done your homework and an MLM company is going through some kind of turmoil or change?  Let’s call it Company #AmazingMLMCompany for example. 

You search Instagram (the little magnifying glass icon like most search features) you search for #Hashtags based on two criteria Most Popular and Most Recent. Since the Most Popular are probably well-established posts that have been up a while, I would search for Most Recent #Hashtags  of Instagram Users for #AmazingMLMCompany

And everyone who has ever posted that #Hashtag will come up in order from Most Recent like 3 seconds ago all the way back to the first use of that #Hashtag. 

Now simply identify people who posted the #Hashtag you want to target and make a nice, friendly compliment on their post (NOT a Private Message) but a COMMENT.

(You are using a Secret Psychology here), most people get very few comments on their posts and so when You say something nice… They Love You!!

What happens with Instagram unlike most other Social Media is that person will receive a Push Notification

(Instagram sets this as Default), this means that that person will receive a Beep and the first line of your Comment will actually pop up on their phone, with a View Rate second only to Text Messages.  WOW That means no matter where they are, they will see Your Comment on their phone in real-time…  Make it Complementary, Friendly, and NOT A SALES PITCH (You will get Marked as SPAM).

The Key is building your Database of Like-minded Distributors who may be open to hear your Pitch LATER.  The last time I actively worked this strategy I was able to get approximately a 20-30% Response rate and then after a few “Get to Know You” messages, over half of these people gave me their Cell Phone Number and I was able to Pitch them my opportunity.  

Instagram will limit you to max 50 Comments per day per account.

Let’s say you have the “Best Nutrition Shake” on the market in your humble opinion it is the “Best Anti-Oxidant”, so you search on Instagram for everyone talking about #BestAntiOxidants, or #HealthNews or #AntiOxidants, etc.

Note:  Don’t Search #Hashtags that have fewer than several hundred posts using it and don’t necessarily target the most popular #Hashtags as it will be hard to narrow your focus to the right 50 people to comment on their posts today.

You could try targeting #MLMTraining #Hashtag and then move the conversation after initial Small Talk to the 27%er System that is such great training offered here at The, This would be a Non-threatening way to approach Distributors from other companies without “scaring them off” to early pitching “Quit your Deal and Join Mine”.  

Imagine if you used this strategy every day for 90 days you could connect with Thousands of ambitious Networkers looking to get ahead and win in these troubled times we live in.

Some common sense to use is to vary your #Hashtag searches often all aiming at the targeted Niche you wish to contact.    This author typically will make slight variations in the #Hashtags so you broaden your scope of possible leads to anyone who cares about the topics and issues your MLM plan is specifically built to solve.

This strategy can help you find your next Team Superstars.  In future Articles, this Author will address using Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Connect Requests to find Unlimited Leads for FREE as well.  

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