How to Get An Edge Over Your Competition and Still Be Able to Look At Yourself in the Mirror… By David Feinstein

These days there are millions of Networkers looking for the best network marketing training and trying to learn the best methods of growing their downline.

What this means for you is that the competition can get pretty darn fierce. It can look like “Blood Sport” out there at times.

But you don’t have to partake in any of that to grow your business. Your best way to beat your competition is by simply giving yourself the edge by creating more value than them.

Give Your Downline the Best Network Marketing Training You Possibly Can…

You see, you’ve probably heard this plenty of times, but when someone joins a network marketing company, they’re really not joining a company. Rather, they’re joining people. So when someone joins your network marketing company under you, they’re joining YOU, not the company.

And why would they join you over the competition?

Simply because they see you as a highly valuable person! They see YOU as someone that’s going to take them to new heights. They see you as a mentor who is going to skyrocket their network marketing training, and therefore you’re the one that they want to be with.

But how do you let them know that?

Well, there are a few ways actually. One of the easiest ways is to simply show them that you CARE! You let them know that their success actually means something to you rather than just money in your bank account.

You do that by being honest. You do that by being a mentor. You do that by being a coach. And you do that by providing them with top-of-the-line network marketing training before they even join your business opportunity.

It’s really no more complicated than treating your new downline members like you would a new friend, or a new family member. When your organization feels like a family then people want to be part of that organization…

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David Feinstein
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