How To Get Great Results Immediately With Just Your Facebook Page by Max Steingart

There is a lot great information available to you out there that can produce results for you and help you make sales on Facebook over time.

What you’re about to learn in this article series is faster, easier to do and produces immediate results.

When you follow its contents to the letter, like you would follow a recipe to make a cake, you can talk to someone today and close a sale.  In this series, you’re going to learn the proven and simple 4  step formula behind the Facebook success of the top earners in your business.  When you follow the formula to the letter it will also produce great results for you, no matter what you’re selling.   You can sell to someone you already know or you can sell to a total stranger.

Your Facebook Profile connects you to everyone on Facebook.

Today that’s 1.6 billion people.  You’re about to learn how you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world almost ‘at will’ and make a sale in only 30 MINUTES!!  Then your new recruits can duplicate your actions and success in a matter of days using simple attraction marketing principals.  Building your business and making sales on Facebook has never been easier!!  By applying simple attraction marketing principals to your Daily Facebook activity you can begin making sales immediately.

Your Facebook page can become a magnet and a lightning rod that attracts perfect prospects to you… every day.

Why Should You Listen To Me? 

Twenty-one years ago, I broke the code to a social network called America Online ( AOL ).  I used their live chatting features to develop a ‘simple formula’ that helped me add thousands of likeminded people to a network marketing business in 18 months.

The term ‘SOCIAL NETWORK’ wasn’t used back then but everyone engaged in live chatting. Today live chatting is also called texting or private messaging and is one of Facebook’s most popular features.  The number of social networks has increased dramatically over the years and so has the number of people on them. Social networks have come and gone.  At it’s peak AOL had 36 million users. Today, Facebook has 1.65 billion users and the formula works on it better than ever before.

Since I introduced the formula, I’ve trained and shared it with hundreds of thousands of network marketers who in turn have trained and influenced the millions of people that they work with. 

The formula has worked for everyone on all of the social networking sites that came after AOL. (ICQ, Yahoo, MySpace, Tagged, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, Google Hang Outs, Skype, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, …..etc.)  And it will work on any social network that comes along in the future.  Live chatting is exactly like talking and can produce instant results and an immediate sale when you’re connected with the right people and saying the right things.  Part time network marketers have used the formula and live chatting to go full time in their business. Your next affiliate, client, customer, distributor, rep or team builder is available to chat with you on Facebook right now.

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