How to Get People to Say ‘YES’ Without Begging by Stacey Hall

Yesterday I received a request from someone I have not heard from in years asking if I would help them spread the word about an event they are hosting.


In this request, there was no question like this: “How are you doing?”

Or, “I know it’s been a long time since we connected.”

Or, “If you would be willing to help me spread the word, I would be happy to be of support to you.”

The reason I am bringing this up is that I often hear my new clients say that it feels like they must beg and do tricks to get others to give them a hand or accept their requests for help.

I let them know that if they have been making requests as this person did to me, then I bet it does feel like begging and most people are going to say “No!” or simply ignore you.

I unlocked the secret to having people say YES to me and I recorded it during one of my coaching sessions.

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Stacey Hall
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