How to handle objections such as …Leaving the house unclothed … with a donut. by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


Our morning routine before leaving for work?

1 Wake Up.

2 Shower

3 Grab a donut

4 Leave Home

5 Get Dressed

Uh … our neighbors are going to have a problem with us. Leaving our home unclothed in the morning with a donut in hand is not what our neighbors expect. We will have trouble fitting in socially for sure.

We have our morning routine steps out of order. (Assuming you noticed this.)
But we could fix this, right?

  • We could have a vision board.
  • We could buy an attraction marketing automated prospecting system.
  • We could be more motivated.
  • We could hire a mindset coach.
  • We could buy organic powdered donuts with sprinkles.

But … but … our neighbors will still avoid us. Unclothed donut eaters are not what our neighbors expect to see when going to work.

What is the problem? We have the steps out of order. We should get dressed before we leave our homes. And until we fix that problem, uh … uh … people will avoid us.

Ridiculous lies everyone told us.

When we started our network marketing career, well-meaning people told us to do this when talking to prospects:

1 Ice breaker. Get the conversation going

2 Build some rapport with our prospects.

3 Give our prospects a presentation of our wonderful opportunity.

4 Close.

Yeah. Pretty ridiculous. But we were new and we didn’t know better.

Only after a lot of rejection do we figure out we have the steps out of order.

Of course, now we are smarter now, right? We know the correct order of the steps are:

1 Rapport.

2 Ice Breaker.

3 Closing (yes, this is correct).

4 Presentation.

This is the exact order our prospects expect. Doing these steps out of order is like leaving our homes unclothed in the morning with a donut.

But there is an even bigger problem!

Our new team members won’t believe us when we tell them the exact order of the four steps. But it gets worse.

Our new team members don’t know how to do the skills of each step correctly. Why?

New Distributor: “Okay, so how do I know where to start with prospects?”

Sponsor: “I don’t know. Just guess. Kind of get the feel of things and start there. Or maybe show the video. That’s easy. Oh no, we just got this new brochure. Show them the brochure and then the PowerPoint slides … unless they are only interested in the products.”


And the problem gets even worse!

Because up to 99% of the great advice we give them … won’t work for them!

Why? Because the advice worked for the person giving the advice who is a different person, with different experience, different timing, different prospects, different skills.

This advice is for a completely different person. Our new team member needs better options on how to do each step. Then our new team members can find the path that works for them.

Become a sponsoring giant!

And that is why the November MasterClass works not only on the four core skills, but different ways to master each skill. Now we, and our team members, can choose the path that is within our comfort zone, and within our abilities. We want results now.

The crowd loves it when we fail!

We can choose not to learn the skills to make our business better. Our failures entertain our skeptical friends and relatives. They think, “Our friend has a dream. Is 100% untrained. Let’s see how this works out and … Ohhhh! Ouch! Cringe! Our friend fails again. Wow! That was spectacular! Love it!”

Or … we can choose to get better.

One way you can start is to apply what you learn in my Fr ee Report,

The Five “trigger” questions your prospects ask before making their decision.

Or … we can choose to get better. Join the class…

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Tom "Big Al" Schreiter
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