How To Keep A Positive Attitude All Year Long! by Stacey Hall

‘Stay focused on the result you want and stop dwelling on your concerns.  One leads to possibilities.  The other to dead ends!’

Your level of motivation is key to your attitude and your attitude determines where this year will take you.

Too often, people think having a positive attitude means believing they are entitled to success.

The truth is none of us are entitled to success.

If we want success, we’ve got to claim it and then go out there and do what needs to be done.

The following 3 tips will help your attitude stay consistently positive so you can achieve sales, satisfaction, and success with more ease.

Each one is like giving yourself a pat on the back.  In fact, that is what they are called – PATs (Positive Attitude Tips).

PAT #1: Don’t let stress destroy your motivation.

How much do you let stress get to you?

It can decrease the ability to think creatively.

Research has shown that our willpower is finite and ever-fleeting. It’s like a car that’s consuming gasoline. When the gasoline runs low, the car loses steam and comes to a stop.

No matter how much the driver wants to go forward, the car is stuck. It needs refueling.

The antidote to stress is passion. Research has shown that when we’re passionate about something, we experience more joy and feel more fulfilled. The blood flows in our brains increases and we’re more focused.

And our attitude stays positive.

PAT #2:  Let go of the weight of negativity. It slows us all down.

Would most people describe you as a negative or positive person?

Do you hang around negative or positive people?

I am asking because a negative mindset can be more contagious than a virus.

Be sure you have a habit of releasing negative nellies from your life and start adopting the mindset of positive people.

I can suggest a great podcast called the “Wake Up Call” that airs Monday – Friday at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.  Listen Live at (Conference ID 8070222).

And every past episode is archived here:

Notice how much easier it is to stay motivated and passionate about your goals by giving yourself this PAT on the back.

PAT #3: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparison is a thief that robs us of our enthusiasm and power to stay motivated. It is also as silly as comparing apples to bananas.

An apple has benefits and a banana has different ones.  They may be similar in a few ways, but they are not the same.

Each of us has our own unique qualities.

Each of us has our own unique background and personality.

We may admire what other people do and what they have. But, to focus on them is to take attention off achieving our own goals.

It’s simply a waste of precious energy we can use to power up our motivation.

To support you in identifying your own unique talents, skills, gifts, and benefits, download my 5 ‘Go For YES’ fun tips for FREE here:​​

Give yourself these 3 PATs on the back daily and watch how easily you achieve your goals this year!

Stacey Hall
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