How to Keep the Flow of Business Going Strong by David Feinstein

A business is like a beach. It needs customers to flow to it and make purchases. Just like the water that drives life to the sand. Customers are the life force and that will never change. The presentation of the business may change. One example is the location of the business; is it online or a physical element. It is vital to attend to the needs of the people. Many businesses have failed for not recognizing their prospect’s needs or desires.

New Businesses Must Pay Attention to Behaviors

Businesses should pay attention to two kinds of behaviors. One is consumer behavior, and the other is their own behavior towards their prospects. The actions are important indicators of future interactions or the lack of them. People are always on the move. They use technology to express their needs even more clearly than verbal communication. However, a business may not be ready to deal with them just yet.

If a business ignores a key point from a prospect. It can lead to a loss of a sale. This hurts the life of the business. Many businesses are simply not seeing the signs of their prospects. Consumer behavior takes shape in many different forms. Some include social interactions that include likes and shares. Other forms include trips to the website and reading the blog or downloading ungated content. While others are more direct interaction including phone calls, social comments, or messages through email or chat systems.

Business behavior is vital. Besides marketing and creating offers. The way that a business handles a prospect is direly important. Direct contact is priority number one and must never be ignored. These could be immediate sales or within the next few days. Personal responses always work best when creating relationships even if they are indirect actions from the prospect. Be kind and friendly while being professional. Never let a bad day interfere with the business needs.

The Fine Art of Balancing Actions and Reactions

Just like a wave hitting the beach. A business must be balanced in regard to marketing and communication with its prospects. Marketing is the opening of a dialog but not the only means. It is used to cultivate a relationship that turns into direct action from the prospect. Marketing content must offer value and a reactionary element for both the consumer and business. While analyzing the data from the campaign. The business can make content more balanced and personalized for a better user experience. This will open doors for success for the business. Creating that enriches lives allows the prospect to make intelligent choices. Even if they never use a certain business. At least that business is on the right track. Balance out a vast array of content to make the prospect desire to engage with the business. This could mean some cool offers that do not require information to special pricing on a lecture series. Always look for ways to open up a one-on-one conversation with the prospect.

David Feinstein
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