How to Keep Your Team from Becoming Overwhelmed by Stacey Hall

I think the most popular word in the English language right now is ‘OVERWHELM.’ And what is contributing to it is ‘INFORMATION OVERLOAD.’

And overwhelm is a huge block that stops us from moving forward.

Yet many Team Sponsors continuously throw

So many of us attend webinar classes and buy recorded courses and then do not have enough time to take the required action on the concepts we learn.

Our team members do the same thing…especially when first joining the team.

Yet, it is only by putting knowledge into practice that we learn our greatest lessons and produce our best results. And we can only gain this experience by getting into action.

To help ourselves and our team members shift from consumer to a “Business-Builder,” I am offering 4 ways to defeat “information overwhelm.”

#1… Set a Goal Before Learning Something New

The key to a successful learning journey is to know what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. Before diving into your next learning experience, let’s set a destination.

We begin by visualizing the outcome we want to attain because of learning this information.

Do you want to attract prospects by learning this information?

Do you want to learn the information and then make money teaching the information to others?

For instance, last weekend, I delved into a training on Facebook ads with the intention to launch an ad immediately after the session. And I did!

The clearer the goal, the easier it is to take action immediately after learning the new information…and it also reduces overwhelm.

#2… Decide If the Information Is Necessary at the Time

Learning doesn’t have to happen all at once.

Before learning something new, pause and reflect on whether it will benefit or supplement what you already know and your current priorities.

For example, if your marketing efforts revolve around Facebook, designate a specific time frame to gather and consume Facebook-related knowledge.

Once you have mastered that information, then you can shift your focus to learning new information related to another one of your priorities.

#3… What to do about all those courses we have bought and NEVER gone through or taken any action on?

* Set a realistic deadline: Start by setting a realistic deadline for when you want to complete the courses. Break down each course into smaller manageable chunks and allocate a specific time slot in your schedule to complete them. This will help you prioritize the courses and ensure that you are making progress toward completing them.

*Find an accountability partner or a study buddy who has also purchased the same course(s) and set up a weekly check-in. This will keep you motivated and accountable for your progress.

*Take the pressure off. Consider selling or making a donation of the courses that you are not interested in anymore. You can either sell them online or donate them to a library or a non-profit organization that could benefit from the courses.

*Repurpose the content: If you find that you are not interested in completing the entire course, you can still repurpose the content to fit your needs. For instance, you can take a few modules from different courses and use them as inspiration if you intend to create your own program. And with AI support, it takes less time than ever to create content that creates cash for you!

#4… Only Take Notes on What You Plan to Use

If you’re anything like I used to be (ok, sometimes still am), you might find yourself frantically taking notes on every little piece of information that is shared during a webinar or while reading a book.

What I’ve found is to keep my focus on writing down ONLY the information I will use in some way. While I am listening to the information, I am asking myself if I will ever want to refer back to the information.

If the answer is ‘YES,’ then I jot the note on a board to find it easily.  Notebooks are called ‘trappers’ for a reason.  Everything gets trapped in it and is so hard to locate again.

If the answer is ‘NO’, then I don’t make a note of it. That sums up my 4 simple steps for going from ‘Information Overload’ and overwhelm which can make all the difference in becoming a successful ‘Business Builder’!


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