How to Maximize Binary Comp Plan by Timothy Hunter

Timothy Hunter

The Binary MLM Comp Plan is one of the most popular plans of all MLM or Network Marketing Compensation Plans.

Used by many of the fastest-growing new companies. The Key to Big Earnings with a Binary Company is POWER LEGS… Everyone wants a Power Leg and if you can build these fast you can rock a Binary Compensation Plan!   Most modern Binary Pay Plans are actually Hybrid Unilevel-Binary.

This means you can sponsor unlimited personal recruits but they must be placed in either your Left Leg or Right Leg.  I used this strategy to Stack Leaders one under the other based on a first come first served basis and really concentrate on Fear of Loss motivation…

Example: I would call my Top 20 Leader list I knew and leverage who wants to be Top Dawg and let them know the others will be part of their Power Leg.

 My first experience in Binary Pay Plan was in the late 90’s and no one really understood them yet. I just built two Power Legs as fast as I could. I recruited 4,000 distributors in 16 weeks and was earning $10,000 a week!

These days most Networkers have been placed in many different Binary Network Marketing Companies and are very concerned they get placed in The Power Leg so if you promise that you need to deliver that… sadly many people have been told that promise only too be disappointed when someone (once again) over-promised and under-delivered.

Binary Pay Plans can be rocket ships if you get in a momentum wave with a really good proven leader.

This author’s largest enrollment tree was in a Binary Company and my enrollment tree was over 250,000 Distributors in just a few years.  The fundamental key to maximizing your companies Binary Compensation Program is to personally build two strong Power Legs ASAP… Speed is the Key and Fear of Loss is a more powerful motivator than is Greed for Gain… Example: “Mary I am calling you early, cause I’ve found a rocket ship company and I want you to get in at the top of a bunch of people I will be recruiting and placing on your team!”

If your deal is a real deal and you go all out for 90 days pitching your version of that urgency Call To Action Script and you will create momentum and MONEY nearly every time!

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