How to Maximize Your Leadership Power by David Feinstein

Leadership Power is not the physical strength, but more aligned with the influence, education, drive, focus, and business skills associated with any given leader.

Anyone can become a leader, but not will be the best. Some people have a natural tendency to take up leadership roles. While others are promoted after hard work and loyalty to their careers. Everyone can benefit from continuous growth and development. This also includes those who are not in leadership roles.

Building up the foundations of leadership with Influence and Education Development

Every leader in all sorts of roles no matter how junior the role is must have experience and education for the given role. To advance such leadership, it is up to the individual to continue their education. The more information and knowledge achieves, the better the chances for a larger role. This also includes the development of influence on a larger scale. Influence not only connects leaders to juniors but to seniors as well. Influence also connects other resources that are not in the organization itself.

When a leader provides positive guidance for a junior, this increases the juniors’ knowledge and influence over them. This makes the leader more trustworthy and trust is hard to earn. The education of the given role is vital, considering at some point the leader will be training a replacement. Higher education of the given role and other resources makes one more valuable to the team and associates as well. When balancing the development of education and influence, just be careful about knowledge sharing until there is solid knowledge. Bad information will ruin influence and friendships and lower the trust of the junior associate.

Be positive with all information that is exchanged, be honest, and always look for ways to improve oneself in all areas. This could mean be more productive, find cost-saving solutions for difficult issues, or become more comfortable in meeting new people.

Take Your Drive, Focus, and Business to the Next level by Teaching Others the Basics of Leadership

Help others become junior leaders by teaching them the basic requirements of leadership. Given them some trust and responsibility for a project or sales goal. Train them on the right tools, mindset, and focus, so they can achieve the goal that you set out. In this fashion, your weak areas will be revealed, and you can improve upon them with some mentoring from a senior or classes. Focus doesn’t mean the attention on the business, in this case, focus means the care and support for your seniors and junior teammates. The way that you look out and support them in their journeys.

The drive is the motivation, the ability to get through challenges without being a sour lemon. Drive can suffer from many different factors, but with the right mindset, it will keep pushing through the rough times. Does your drive help you focus on problem-solving and team management? Improve business skills through online classes, attend webinars, or meetings that offer new skills or help one overcome problems. Take some leadership courses for a different perspective and teach your team to be free thinkers and to win through drive and effort.

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