How to Maximize Your Stair Step Breakaway by Timothy Hunter

The Stair Step Breakaway is, of course, the ‘Grandaddy’ of all MLM or Network Marketing Compensation Plans.

Used by Amway, Shaklee, Primerica, WFG, and many many other ‘Legacy’ Companies. The Key to Big Earnings especially early in your career with your Stair Step Breakaway Company is SPREAD… Spread is the difference between your Pay Level and those of your personal recruits and their teams.

Going ‘Wide’, meaning recruiting more people personally is what you must do early.

7-10 Strong ‘Legs’ that each has at least 4 ‘Deep’ in excited leadership is the formula that has worked for this author and countless other very successful MLM Leaders over decades. Let’s use simple math to understand this best… All Compensation Plans will payout the greatest when you focus on staying ahead of your team on the Staircase.

Example: Let’s assume you have achieved your 1st Promotion by climbing the first step, all of your team is still on the Bottom Step, if your Commission Level is now 40% and your team is at 30% then your Spread or Overrides are 10%. So $10,000 in Commissionable Volume or CV = $1,000 in your pocket. Climb the next Step and you double your pay. (50% Commission Example by Climbing Step 3). The more new direct recruit ‘Legs’ you bring on to your team, then the more this Spread really starts to add up. Imagine you really go for it and climb to Step 4?

(Assuming the same simple math of an extra 10% commission raise or 60% at Step 4). You now earn a whopping 30% Spread on All Commissionable Volume (CV).

$40,000 in Team Sales @ 30% Spread is now a very respectable $12,000 in Override Commissions to You. Now let’s really go for it and climb the Stair Steps to the ‘Breakaway’ Level…

A Team doing $140,000 in Commissionable Volume X 40% Spread would mean well over $50,000 in your bank account (which is exactly what this author earned in one month as a 22-year-old ‘kid’). In conclusion… Make your Stair Step Payout the Max by Recruiting ‘Wide’ (Personals) and ‘Deep’ ( helping them recruit and their people recruit and so on and so on…). Hard work, consistency and focus on where you want your residual income to be… and you will win the Stair Step Breakaway Game!

In future articles, I will address the Breakaway Generational Pay as well as Social Media and Online Marketing skills to find unlimited prospects for you to recruit.

Hint: Instagram targeting perfect prospects or How to get 20-30 Targeted Leads per day using Instagram… Stay Tuned… 

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