How to Maximize Your UniLevel PayPlan By Timothy Hunter

Todays’s Topic … How to Maximize Your Uni-Level Compensation Plan!

The Uni-Level Pay Plan is one of the most common and time tested of all MLM or Network Marketing Compensation Plans ‘Comp Plan’ or Pay Plan. It has paid out (collectively) many many Billions of Dollars, Yen, Euros for many many Networkers and Affiliates and the like for Decades!

            As a matter of fact, almost All Network Marketing, MLM and yes even Affiliate Marketing Programs use some form of Unilevel or Uni-Level Hybrid Compensation Plans, (Uni-Level meaning everyone is on same personal commission level there are no “Steps” to Climb like in the ‘Stair Step Breakaway’)   

A Unilevel Pay Plan can be best maximized by working both “Wide” (Personally Enrolling New Customers of Affiliates is what “Working Wide ” means) and “Deep” (This means working through your personal enrollees and then your 2nd Level or your first level Enrollees their Enrollees, and so on and so on… 

My personal winning formula was to always “Go Four (4) Deep” as fast as possible.

Knowing that the enthusiasm of new distributors can drop off quickly after being highly motivated by a Webinar or Video Conference Call (or a Convention… remember those?) in your organization.  48-72 hours is the maximum time that most people will stay at peak motivation from just Inspiration, however, if you help them get an enthusiastic new Brand Partner (Distributor, Affiliate, Customer) ASAP, then help them also get an enthusiastic new Enrollee… you get it…  GO FOUR DEEP FAST or Tap Root like a tree or plant. 

Wide for Profit, Depth for Stability!

Most Unilevel Plans will require you to have more than one “Leg” or Personally Enrolled Affiliate (Distributor, Associate, Brand Partner, etc.)

Most successful ‘Unilevel’ leaders have worked typically with 7-10 strong ‘Frontline’ (or Personal Recruit ‘Legs’ of yours, depending on the UniLevel PayPlan your company uses, this may not require personal recruits to be a big leader, but anyone in their “Leg” would qualify you).  

The best way to Maximize Your UniLevel Pay Plan is to work a “90+ Day Madman Cycle”

as my first business coach taught me so well. If you pour on activity and stay focused on getting more personal recruits and customers for maximum profitability and help them get “Four Deep” ASAP!

 In my early career in this wonderful industry of Network Marketing I was amazed that just about every single time I worked as fast a possible to get my new personal recruits a recruit and then got that person one and then the 3rd in the line and quickly recruited “Four Deep” I found a winner nearly every time! 

            There are so many ways now to find quality leads for exactly your #NicheMarket involving Social Media these days especially on Instagram with #Hashtags and on Facebook using Groups that are interested in your exact product line.  I know of one woman who in just 2 years developed a 7 Figure Income by connecting on Facebook Groups about Health and Weight Loss.   It is possible to get 20-30 Free Leads per Day on Social Media by using these and other Platforms and knowing how to convert interest into affiliates and customers. Facebook Groups allow like-minded individuals to connect about relevant topics and connect as friends and potential customers or prospects for your product or service. It is important to remember to not “Spam” or abuse site rules or over contact too many people in a day.  (Most Sites will limit you to 30-50 personal comments or so a day.  Do NOT overtly “Pitch” your “Deal” or product.  This is about getting to know people and their interests for your products and over time share what is working for you.  If your first Post is “Hey Buy My Stuff” you will get thrown out of the Group and possibly blocked by the Social Media Provider.   

            In all my years of success and failure in this industry, I still believe the Best Leads are Referrals, literally for anything worth buying or joining… I would always use the “S.T.E.A.M.” method for asking for referrals.   “Who is the Best Sales Person you know?” (S. for Sales).  “Who is the Most Popular Teacher you know?” (T= Teacher).  “Who is the Most Enthusiastic person you know?” (E = E…)  “Who is the Most Ambitious person that you know?” (A=A…)  “Who do you know who is Money Motivated?” (M… Really?).   

By far the I was always most successful when I ask for Referrals from “Centers of Influence” or “Influencers” they are referred to on Social Media, get one of these people helping you brand your business and you are off to a great start indeed.

            This was truly my winning formula I learned at 18 years of age in this business because when I got referrals from my high school friends…  No one would listen because we were not respected enough at that age, but when I recruited my well respected Minister father, almost everyone bought or joined because he was a “Center of Influence”, I then duplicated this system by working with other ministers and business leaders who would help me share my products and opportunity with, fundamentally this is the Number #1 Reason I succeeded so early.   

       Stay tuned for future articles from this author re: How to Maximize Your Comp Plan… 

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