How To Play to Win, Kick Your Motivation Into High Gear! by Stacey Hall

Your level of motivation is key to your success. How motivated you are will determine how consistent you are in taking the actions required to achieve your goals. 

And consistency is what actually creates success.

There are various factors that can lessen your level of motivation.

First and foremost is STRESS!

How much do you let stress get to you?

Stress can decrease the ability to think creatively. It also robs us of our ability to feel passionate about our goals.

Research has shown that when we’re passionate about something, we experience more joy and feel more fulfilled.

Also, the blood flow in our brains increases and we’re more focused, which makes it easier to stay consistent and be productive.

On a scale of 1 – 10, what is the level of stress you usually feel?

If the score is more than a ‘3’ it is not likely you feel motivated to stay consistent in taking action to achieve your goals.

Motivation is also affected by negativity.

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Stacey Hall
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