How To Quickly Get Prospects On Your Side by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


How To Quickly Get Prospects On Your Side

Hi – Tom “Big Al” Schreiter here.

Starting a conversation with a question. Sounds good, but what question could we start with? Here are some ideas.

  • “How does it feel trying to get by with only one paycheck?”

  • “Could I make a small suggestion that might make you rich?”

  • “Are you okay ‘as is’ or are there some changes you would like in your life?”

  • “What do you think of the ‘work 40 years’ plan they gave us when we left school?”

  • “Would you like to get paid more in your life?”

  • “Would you like to know a little idea that helped me accumulate a lot of money?”

  • “How big of a raise do you expect this year?”

  • “Did you ever think of what you would do if you had five-day weekends?”

Gee. Now our prospects are talking about what they want in life, and what they aren’t getting in their life.

Our prospects will almost sell themselves. Now our career is easier. Better words. Better questions. Better results.

Want to have more great first sentences to start off your presentations? One good first sentence might pay off for you with a residual income for life.

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