How to Succeed in D2C by Christian Wiesner

In my last article, I wrote that Direct Marketing / Direct Selling has become a much bigger Market with the upcoming and fast-growing Direct 2 Customer ( D2C) Online Shopping Platforms like Shopify & Pinduoduo, who even outperform the biggest E-commerce Juggernauts Platforms like Amazon and  Alibaba in growth.

These new D2C Platforms use the leverage Power of social media to present their products fast to billions of people and create a new Market called Social Commerce, which is to be said the fastest growing Online Shopping Market growing 1,500% in the next 8 years * (source “Statista”)

How can MLM use the power of Social Commerce?

It’s important to understand the difference between social selling which is already used by many MLM Companies without the sensational growth of social commerce.

Many MLMs try to use the Power of social media by offering sharable Content to their Distributors who are presenting the company media to their friends on their social media timeline.

This can lead to different results.

Trained leaders can build a social media image of a Product Expert and generate some sales from their bigger number of followers, till those new customers see a similar product on Amazon or Shopify and change to the much cheaper option.

Most MLM partners don’t have big friends lists and followers, their common result is little to no sales, most of the time mainly annoying their friends who feel the sharing of product advertising media as sales spam, putting them in the “ annoying sales guy “ corner.

Overpriced products, wrong or little social media trained partners,  that are mainly spamming their friends with Company Promotions, and missing social interaction of customers are the main reasons, traditional MLM Companies are failing to get on the fast accelerating D2C train.

The Simple Rule of Success is no Longer “Recruiting is the Name of the Game “!

If selling starter kits or hot short-term investment offerings is your main strategy to success then, your life expectancy nowadays is dramatically shortened, since there are tens of thousands of competitors with the same short-term strategy.

Focus on selling starter kits makes the product, which should be your USP, due to the lack of Customers, obsolete.

The New game of Success is RKYC “Really know your Customer”!

You can learn what your customer really wants by looking at the winners of D2C:

> Fast & Free delivery of sold goods, 24 – 48 Hours is the max, free delivery is standard

> Excellent pricing, always remember: the competitor is just a click away, if you are more than 20% more expensive than Amazon or Shopify, you will not grow in customer sales.

> Credible Proof of Product Quality and results. Real people instead of artificial promotion media is the Key to Real Credibility.

The Only Awards that really count in the future and the only Obsession great D2C Companies of the Future need to have, is great Customer satisfaction. Obsession showed in constantly fast-growing Customer Sales.

If One Company Pinduoduo, produces 250 billion $ in annual sales from 800 million active Customers in only One Country after only 5 years from start, outperforms all MLMs of the world in all countries of the world after 70 years.

The Message is clear. MLM, start thinking and start acting fast before your survival window will close. It’s your last chance now, bring it on!

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