How Veery Perceptive of You By Russ McNeil


How Veery Perceptive of You

Your perceptions, their reality—Another recipe for win-win team building
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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with maps; street maps, state maps, atlases; even today, I can lose myself in the study of a detailed map. Isn’t that ironic? Getting “lost” in a tool whose purpose is to “show the way.” Why is that? I do believe Allen Carroll has the answer: “[Maps] stimulate both sides of our brain: the right side which is intuitive and aesthetic, and the left side which is rational and analytical.” 1 Yep. Maps provide a magnificent combination of both.

Perhaps you share my fascination with colorful cartography, perhaps you do not. Either way, there is one fact upon which we can agree. Maps highlight some things we can never see in person, things like international boundaries. Oh, sure, walls, gates, and road signs are visible, but go out into a remote area and try to find a dotted line on the ground. On a map, however, the line is right there in front of you, a dotted line separating country X from country Y. Take, for instance, the border between the United States and Canada. Much of it is rough terrain covered in hardwood forests. Sprinkle in some rivers and lakes and you have the ideal breeding habitat for a certain species of songbird.

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