How Women Can Teach Men to Lead Better by David Feinstein

How Women Can Teach Men to Lead Better

Women by nature have a higher perception then men in many cases.

They can teach men valuable internal skills that can help them make better decisions about business and in cases recruiting for businesses. Women are not super heroes in any measure, but they are close enough. They are gifted humans that work hard and can run businesses just as effectively as men. However, there isn’t enough praise in the world that can change a culture or cold heart to one of the most beautiful forces in life. So, just to be clear, women have a strong insight that is difficult to master and often follow their “gut” feeling more often than men.

The Inner Power of a Woman’s Insight


The truth behind a woman’s insight is her ability to be true in her ability to see the good in those around her. She is not tainted usually by the gossip or misrepresentation of previous career comments. She can actively engage a person’s character and measure it without the foggy misconceptions. If she has been in management long enough, she can zero in on the strengths of new recruits and their weaknesses in a manner of moments. They can balance the weaknesses out and decide if they person will be effective in the position.

The Power of Compassion without Judgment


A woman’s compassion is not too far off the list of being one of the best weapons to keep teams together and on track. They can relate without feeling fake about it. They can inspire through compassion and turn a bad day around. They can encourage those with weaker resolves to greater heights.

Unlike men, where they use other means to get the “job” done. Women don’t have to resolve to barbaric tools to bring out the best of their teams. If men can learn to be a bit more compassionate and trust their gut feeling a bit more. Then can could possibly be a better element for their teams, not saying all men are gorillas, no offense to gorillas. They can learn to adapt to the emotions and events that surround everyone and deal with the stress of the career in a positive fashion. They can communicate a bit more effectively with males and females within the group.

Life is hard, it doesn’t have to be. Just open up and listen more and do less talking.

David Feinstein
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