How You Become a Positive, Powerful Leader by Randy Gage

BREAKING NEWS: Nobody wants to watch the movie about the billionaire who bought a lotto ticket and won another $40 million. 

But the slumdog who becomes a millionaire – we’ll buy a ticket for that every time… 

So you earned a free bonus car. You’re delirious with excitement and your mom is really proud of you.  Truth is, the rest of us don’t really care. 

Because it’s not really about your car.  It’s what your car can mean to the rest of your team.  And the same is true for that luxury cruise you won, the big bonus checks you’re cashing, and the $50,000 watch you’re wearing.

Contrary to popular belief, nobody on your team is going to build better or bigger because you got a snazzy new Philippe Patek “timepiece.”  In fact, a lot of times, all the check waving and frenzy are a turn-off and uninspires people. 

Here’s why…

No one wants to hear how rich, sexy, marvelous, and happy you are.  Or at least they don’t until after they’ve heard how poor, unattractive, mediocre, and miserable you used to be. 

It seems everyone is trained to tell their “story” in Direct Selling.  And they think their story is all the bling, bonuses, and big bucks they made.  But that doesn’t inspire people.  Here’s the most important thing you should know when you’re sharing your story or a testimonial…

The only reason you tell your story is for the lesson or inspiration it holds for the audience.  Anything else is just beating your chest. 

Your story is inspiring only if it teaches that you have faced some of the challenges, obstacles, and adversity the people who are listening to you are facing.  The fact that you persevered inspires them to know that they too can persevere. 

It shows you are qualified to teach them. 

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Randy Gage and Jaime Lokier
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