How Big Is Your Dream and What Are You Worth by Joseph Farina

Joseph FarinaI’m going to share with you a very powerful thought. One that if you understand it, I believe will revolutionize your life. A man steps up to the plate, its two outs, bottom of the ninth, final game of the World Series. His team is down by one, with a man on first. He stares down the pitcher. The fastball comes and the batter swings. Its out of the park. The crowd roars as the the batter rounds the bases. The basketball player gets the ball with 5 seconds left in the final game. The NBA title hangs in the balance, his team is down by one. He moves to his left and then moves to his right. He jumps and releases the ball as the final second ticks away. Swoosh, a perfect shot, a perfect ending.     The scene with the baseball player most of us have all heard before, its from the dream of a little kid acting out his greatest future moment. The scene with the basketball player most of us have all heard before, its the dream of another little boy playing out his ultimate sports achievement. For these two boys its all about the Dream! NULL

These dreams are big and vivid. They burn in the both children’s minds as they act out these scenes of greatness. I had those same exact dreams as a child. However for me, I had to ask myself years later, “What happened to those dreams? I’m sure some of you can relate.   I’m going to share with you a very powerful thought. One that if you understand it, I believe will revolutionize your life. That thought is this:

“What you dream about is intertwined with what you feel you are worth and what you feel you are worth is intertwined with the size of your dream.”

There is a great scene with Sylvester Stallone in the final Rocky Movie called Rocky Balboa. I’m only going to share a portion of what he said,  he said this “It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, If you know what your worth, then go out and get what your worth!” The wisdom of Rocky, He nailed it on that one. He said to go out and get what you’re worth!     I can honestly say looking back on my life, one of the biggest things that contributed to my lack of dreaming was this, I did not know what I was worth and if I tried to establish my value it was always very little. After years of personal development and achievements, its seems true that “The size of my dream was equal to what I felt I was worth.” You see one can’t dream big when they feel so small, so invisible, so worthless!    There are so many amazing stories of dreams realized when backed by worth. Let’s look at the power of a dream from one of the greatest dreamers of all time and see if you can measure his worth and how important that he felt his message was. Can you guess who that is? It’s the one and only Dr. Martin Luther King. He stood up in front of the world and said “I have a DREAM.”  I won’t go any further in his speech then that. That statement alone stands with such passion, such power, such purpose! Dr. King came out and said point blank with bold conviction that he had a dream. I believe Dr. King was able to do that because he knew what he was WORTH! He knew what he was here for and it was tied to his DREAM! He faced strong resistance but he was able to endure. WHY? How could he do it? Many of us have faced struggles with doubt, fear and rejection that knocked us out of an opportunity, took us off the goal, got us to give up our gift to the world!     If that has ever happened to you like it happened to me, then I submit this, Its because the DREAM was not big enough and the self-worth was not there. You see its a funny thing when you have to fight for something. It’s a funny thing when you get pushed around, because only one of two things can happen, you either rise to the occasion or you fall in defeat.

I believe your willingness to go the distance is intertwined with the power, size and clarity of your dream and what your believe your WORTH is!

There is power in the DREAM! The power of the dream gives you the ability to show up everyday even though it doesn’t look like you are going anywhere. The power of the dream and the understanding of what you are worth says” I’m here now, but look at where I’m heading.” The power of the DREAM drives you through the darkness of night!     If you are not careful, you stop dreaming like the little boy with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. Or the little boy with only seconds, to make the winning shot! Instead, you replace that great possibility with a story that somehow seems less news worthy!

I believe you are the sum of your dreams played out over time.

To ensure that you capture your dreams as the years go by, you need to simply ask a few questions. Can you expand your thoughts? Can you change your dreams? Can you change your self-worth? The answer is, YES! It starts by understanding that you are unique, made with a purpose and priceless! As you understand what you truly are worth, that dream will extend, expand, and move beyond any dream that was ever dreamed previously. It will begin to grow, and grow and grow. A culture of endless possibilities will arise because of that priceless worth and the immense size of that dream! When this occurs I pray that you rattle, shake and knock down the foundational walls of the Status Quo! Dr. King knew what he was worth and he said it best when he said “I have a dream” And that DREAM was tied to the WORTH of the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!     I will ask you the same question I had to ask myself, not that long ago. What are you worth and how big are you willing to dream?   My name is Joe Farina, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneurial Trainer and Professional Network Marketer. Out of all the titles I have, the one I’m most proud of is Professional Network Marketer. I have so much to be grateful for in this amazing industry. I have met and developed lifetime friendships with some of the most dynamic and forward thinking individuals in the world, thanks to this industry. I have traveled and seen some amazing places. The idea of personal development came to life for me, because of this industry. The speaker I am today is certainly in large part, due to the influence of this powerful profession. Out of all those blessings there is still one more that I hold so dear. I consider it a gift from God. As a matter of fact, I know it is a gift from God.

The gift is the ability to dream again. The ability to imagine the endless possibilities.

I received the gift of salvation from the Lord in 2007, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. That was and has been the defining moment of my life. The greatest gift. It allowed me to understand my worth. The next step was the dream. I was blessed to have such a wonderful industry, that has given me a vehicle to pursue those dreams. I can say the power of a dream unleashed on the world is a potent thing when backed by faith. Ladies and gentlemen, today I’m a big dreamer and a person of worth. Many times in my network marketing career I have been stretched to the limit. The dream and self-worth along with my faith saw me through. I say to all of you, go out in the world and establish the power of a dream in your life and watch the results! Network Marketers rise up and dream big! Know that you are worth it!


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