How Coaching Can Change Your Life by Barbara Pellegrino

Barbara Pellegrino7 Essential qualities you want to find in a coach How will a Business or life coach change my life? First discover the 7 essential Qualities YOU want to find in a Business or Life Coach. Are you curious about how a coach will change your life? You are in the right place!

A life or business coach will not change your life.  Your coach will help you and support you in changing your own life.

Every decision is yours every step of the way. Your coach is interested only in empowering you and finding your true inner passion by helping you get absolute clarity and tapping into your core values and your pure vision about what you want to achieve in your life. As a direct seller you may know your reason for being in the business, your WHY. Why are you doing this? What do you want to accomplish?  NULL

At what time in life do you decide that you would benefit from or even need the services of a business or life coach?

What if you could tap into a deeper reason for WHY. Your emotional why may be very different from your material why…

discovering and tapping into  your emotional why, discovering your foundational value structure that you operate from mostly on auto pilot, will provide you with even more internal motivation. More personal power and more control of your energy levels. Many people seek coaching when they are experiencing a transition in either their personal life or their careers. Others seek a coach to help them achieve their true potential and rediscover or redefine whats possible. Those who seek business coaching are either wanting a faster path to success or feel that they are stuck and need to make a breakthrough. In both cases people want to find a strategic way to take correct action, clarify their vision, find their inner, core strength or passion and gain momentum to excel in a long or short term goal. Before you hire a coach find out if the coach has these 7 Essential Qualities: 1. You Are the Expert. No one knows you and your inner world of thoughts and feelings better than you. Does your potential coach honor that you are the absolute expert on you? A good coach will respect and acknowledge you for who you are and work with you to maximize your strengths and support or delegate your weaknesses. 2. Open Ended Questions.  A professional coach is trained to ask you thought provoking open ended questions, that enable you to dig deep within and will always provide a safe space for you to discover qualities and motivators that otherwise would not be obvious. 3. Belief in you and possibility. Your coach believes in you sometimes more than you believe in yourself.  Helping you to achieve Your goals and dreams is the only agenda that your coach has. Your coach will partner with you to strategize and support you every step of the way. If you have a dream your coach will help you take safe and powerful steps to get you want you want as fast as possible. 4.  Perspectives. Your coach will help you gain new perspectives to broaden your understanding of situations and circumstances (even those that may not seem to be supportive for you) and help you gain clarity about how you can grow and excel. 5. Non Judgment. A professional coach is not judgmental and chooses to look for the opportunity in any situation.  6.  Growth. Your coach is looking for growth opportunities, increased awareness, empowerment and expansion. Bringing to you an abundance of opportunity to experience personal and professional development, fun, joy and well being, whilst helping you with creating strategic interventions to help you achieve your goals. 7. Solutions. There is always a solution. Your coach will be one of your greatest cheerleaders and celebrate with you every step of the way. There is always an answer and your coach is tenacious in supporting you in finding the best solutions to fast track your success in business and life. A coach is considered someone who “has your back” is on your side and supports you in achieving your dreams and goals. A professional coach is trained to listen to you and to help you dig deep to discover and empower your strengths and turn any perceived weaknesses into opportunities for growth

Coaching is something we do together. Your coach holds your highest potential as the vision and you get to live it!

We work with your agenda, you state your goal and we create the plan that gives you the quickest results. Visit to find out how to work with Barbara as your transformational coach Fast Track Coaching Specials Available Visit Barbara at  and receive  your essential tips on How to Live a Visionary Life, Vision Boards and achieving your dreams. Barbara Pellegrino Certified Professional Core Energy Business and Life Coach. PCC. CEC, CPC, ELI-MP,  NLP. Vision Board Success Trainer


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