How Did I Get Here? by Amey Fair

Amey FairDo you ever have one of those moments where you take a step back, observe your life and think, “how did I get here”? Do you ever have one of those moments where you take a step back, observe your life and think, “how did I get here”? I had one such moment in 1998 standing on The Great Wall in China. I had just completed five months of missions training and I was part of a team of young twenty-somethings sharing the gospel in Mongolia and Beijing. Just a year earlier I had been at the lowest point in my life, years of alcohol and drug abuse were culminating in a self-destructive mess. I was broken-hearted and directionless, waiting for someone to give me a reason to live. I bought into the idea that if Mr. Right would just come along, I could be totally fulfilled. Mr. Right did come along on September 14, 1997. I was twenty-one years old and I was swept off my feet by a personal encounter with the living God!  NULL

That day on The Great Wall, I wept tears of joy into the wind, amazed at His awesome plan for my life and overwhelmed by His redemption. I had just been invited to the great adventure of a relationship with Jesus, and Asia was the first of many stops on my journey with Him. I had no idea how exciting, scary, raw, and at times, painful it would be to serve Him, but I have seen His faithfulness and it gives me such joy to proclaim His goodness to others! I am the wife of one incredible man and the home-educating mother of four beautiful children. I have served in domestic and international missionary work with my husband since 2001 and love sharing with others the lessons I have learned along the way. I have a desire to see women live in unhindered surrender to the King of Kings and for them to understand the unique gifts He has endowed them with as women. I look forward to digging in to God’s word and helping women to understand their purpose as influencers and then giving them practical tools to live a life of godly influence. I believe I will most resonate with mothers and young women and those women who are longing to understand their God-given purpose.


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