How Generation Y is Changing the World! by Dakota Rea

Dakota ReaTips from an “Echo Boomer” about marketing to an “Echo Boomer” What we sell, How We sell it, and Who we sell To The baby boomer’s had kids, and did so in families that averaged more than one child. This means that Gen Y is a much larger generation, much larger than any other in history. Its easy to realize that if there are more people, there are more people to market to (More Consumers).

This naturally creates more demand of what Gen Y need and want for their daily lives. It will be the companies that successfully satisfy these major new demands that will survive to tell about it.

But is this new super generation different? Major companies are clamoring to be the first to market to this generation and be known for being the original company for that new popular industry, for example social networking. NULL

What we sell: There are many reasons why Fortune 500 companies are primarily focusing on marketing directly to Gen Y. Due to the technology growing so fast Generation Y was raised in a completely different culture and society, so just like someone that was raised in a different country we pretty much act, talk, walk, listen, dress differently than our parents (The Baby Boomers). This has forced every smart company to consistently create new products and services that Gen Y’s want.

Gen Y Expert TIP: If you get a Gen Y celebrity or influential Gen Y who consumes your product, than all their fans or friends will buy it just to fit in!

How we sell: If you buy a new computer or cell phone these days it won’t be too long before that new version 1.1 comes out. This causes Gen Y’s who were raised around this constant innovation to actually change with it. Once a new product is the new “Cool Thang” to have or do, 2 days later it could almost immediately be “Played out”. Many Gen Y’s refer to this as “so two minutes ago”, and sometimes almost literally. Not only do companies have to consistently develop new products, they have to develop new ways to actually market those products to Gen Y’s.

Gen Y Expert TIP: Pay attention to every day. Find out what videos are most popular for that day, and that will give you an Idea of what is popular with our generation right at that moment! This way you will always keep up with our fast changing interests (Demands).

Influence over future generations: The mere massive size of this generation is what gives it the incredible influence over the future generations to come. Every Gen Y’s little brother or sister wants to be like them, hence, they want the same products and services. They will pass down their recommendations of their favorite brands to their children and siblings, for generations. With social networking sites like MySpace, YouTube and FaceBook it’s like having word of mouth marketing on steroids! This very subject is what my new book, “Your Future Consumers”, is all about. If you market to this generation and gain their loyalty and trust, then your company’s brand (Name) could be echoed and remembered for centuries.

With this massive bubble moving through time it actually changes the world as it moves through it.

When the baby boomer parents grew up, it was no different. Entire industries were created to support (Supply) their demands, and now, with this ever new super boom generation, or what many call the “Echo Boomers”, actual phenomenons are being born faster than ever before.


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