How is a Home Like Leadership? by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyLeadership comes in all shapes and sizes for all different kinds of folks When you think of a house, now I’m talking about a house not a home, what pops into your mind? Do you think the words foundation, roof, windows and such? Maybe you think of the outside of a house, you see the yard, the white fence around it, maybe some trees in the yard in front of the house. Do you see a backyard with a swing set in it? So lets see if I can share with you how a Home is like Leadership. Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes for all different kinds of folks. When you look at leadership at its core, there is a foundation that each style of leadership has built upon. Some of the foundations have been weak and the leadership starts to unravel after a short time, some have been patched and painted to look new, but time exposes them as well. NULL

So much like any foundation, whether it be for a home, or for a person in a leadership position, eventually the foundation that the leadership was built on will determine the life of the structure.

Now lets take a look at what gets put on the foundation. The walls of a home need to keep the elements out, they need to protect those inside the structure. Leadership should provide the same kind of security. See the reason they don’t make houses out of paper only, is because the first strong storm that came through… well you get the picture. Leadership when being shared, should also give the person the ability to handle the changes, the personal storms that will come along and rock their commitment to having more of what they want. The walls of leadership should give the individual the ability to withstand doubt, withstand fear and not make them immune to it, much like you can hear and see a storm raging outside your home, it must provide them the personal strength to keep on their journey. Now the roof does so much for a home, its the part that ties everything together, give the structure its strength.

Leadership should allow the individual the ability to have any design inside their home, allow them the flexibility in their life to do what they are going to do, and yet provide them the ability to be strong in their path and to have a knowing they are okay with getting better the best way they know how.

Leadership is like a home in many ways, the easiest way to express it that I know how, is much like the saying Home is where the heart is… well Leadership too is where the heart is. If someone has their heart in the right place, and you know that to be a fact, then its a pretty good chance you feel at home with the path they are taking.


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