How is a Light like Leadership by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyLight can brighten a house where there are ill or it can light a house of ill repute… it knows no difference. Thinking about a light, I have to share a line that I love from Dr Wayne Dyer. Its something like.. Light can brighten a house where there are ill or it can light a house of ill repute… it knows no difference.

Leadership also knows no difference, it comes to those that are looking, and those that are not, its what you use it for that makes it leadership or simply a bother.

So how is a light like leadership? For this conversation we will talk about light in general, say the light from the sun. With that basis in mind, it becomes very easy to share this correlation. You know how a morning looks when the sun is just peaking over the horizon, day break… and you know how different that moment feels or how much different it can feel depending on if its a work day, the weekend or the first morning of your vacation. NULL

Leadership is much the same way, you have read books, gone to seminars, listened to audios, all of which impacted you differently depending on how you were feeling that day. The sun is the same that shines in Maine in January as well as Key West, so why the different temperatures? Again like leadership, it depends how far you are away from your goals, or how far you are down a particular path of success. When you are starting anything it seems like it takes forever to achieve a milestone on the project. Then as time and abilities improve, the milestones seem to come faster and faster. The one thing that is constant about light is the speed that it travels. So does leadership travel at a constant? The answer is yes. Light will travel from the sun even if your not looking for it.

Leadership is always there even if you’re not  looking for it. It’s in every library that you pass, in every book that you see, in every situation you find yourself. Much like light, in order to see it you have to open your eyes.

So I urge you over the course of the next few hours, the next few days, to open your eyes, see the light in a whole new way and see the leadership that surrounds you everywhere. Look for it all the places that you frequent, look for it in your daily activities. Now what usually happens when you look for something, you have a tendency to find it. So as you begin to look for leadership, don’t be surprised when you find it.


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