How powerful offers give better value and can make your network marketing business grow by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Author_19573TomSchreiterTom’s article about giving values gives so much value you won’t want to miss it. Apply today!  Offer #1: Give me ten dollars. Offer #2: Give me ten dollars or I will break both your knees, blow up your car, kidnap your spouse, scratch your CD’s, and steal your dog! You gasp, “Steal my dog? Oh, my! Here, take twenty dollars.” Some people are naturals when it comes to making powerful offers. Are you one of them? Or, do you make wimpy, wimpy offers that cure your prospects’ insomnia?

In network marketing, we make offers every day. We make written offers if we advertise or use direct mail. We also make verbal offers to prospects. We ask them to buy our products, to come to an opportunity meeting, or to join our program.

 NULL On rare occasions, our prospects actually find the internal fortitude to refuse our well-meaning offers. They say “no” to our offer. Let’s take a look at our typical verbal offer to invite a prospect to an opportunity meeting. Here’s how our offer sounds to our prospect: “Come to our opportunity meeting and we’ll take up two hours of your time.” Doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? It’s certainly not dripping with customer benefits either.

We need to develop powerful offers that separate us from our competition.

Our complacent competition isn’t very tough, so if we do anything that is just 10% out of the ordinary, we’re going to get great results. If we don’t sponsor our prospects into our network marketing program at the end of our opportunity meeting, we should take a serious look at our offer. Maybe we are making a boring, weak, or inappropriate offer to our guests. Here is how most standard end-of-meeting offers are translated by our prospects: “Please join my network marketing company.” (Wow! My adrenaline is really cooking now.) “Please sponsor and get started today.” (Yeah, so you can make money off my efforts.) “Give me $50.00 and you get to be a distributor.” (Ooooooh, I can wait to reach for my credit card.) “You must get in today before everyone else gets into our business.” (Gee, I really do want to be first in line at the slaughterhouse.) No wonder our brother-in-law, our co-worker, and our hottest prospects say “no” to our offer to join. All four of these standard offers have had their benefits surgically removed by a lazy speaker.

We need to give our prospects reasons and benefits. That is what makes powerful offers and rich network marketing leaders.

Let’s take a look at the standard opportunity meeting offer, “You give me money and I’ll give you a kit.” Definitely not too exciting, right? However, let’s consider what would happen if, at the end of the opportunity meeting, the speaker would make the following offer: “When you join this evening, you will receive our head-start success package as follows: First, you’ll get a 200-page distributor training manual, a high-powered recruiting video to build your downline f-a-s-t, a product information cassette to help you get profitable retail sales, customer catalogs, applications, everything you need to start earning those big monthly bonus checks. Second, you’ll receive free tuition to our $295.00 weekend training spectacular. There are limited seats, but you’ll have a reserved seat in the second row. And the best part is… this upcoming training will be taught by the number one sales leader in the entire company. You’ll learn how to qualify for the top bonuses in less than 30 days. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it’s all free as part of your distributorship when you join this evening. Third, you will receive two free co-op shares in our weekly newspaper ads. You’ll get to share in hot, fresh new distributor leads weekly. Don’t worry, there’s no cost because we’re investing in your success. Fourth, you’ll receive our team’s confidential insiders’ profit manual. It can’t be bought at any price. We’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in testing and improving these top sponsoring recruiting techniques, and you’ll be one of the privileged few on the fast-track with this step-by-step manual. Fifth, you’re going to get confirmed reservations for our next 12 leadership conference calls. You’ll immediately be associated with the top earners in our weekly teleconferencing calls. Sixth, you’ll get 10 certificates good for unlimited 3-way phone calls to sponsor your first 10 distributors. That’s right, just call your hottest prospect, patch in your upline sponsor, and listen while your upline sponsoring leader helps enroll your prospect into your business. Now remember these are unlimited calls until you get your first 10 distributors. All you do is listen while you make money. Seventh, you’ll be assigned a personal mentor, who will be your full-time consultant until you reach the top leadership position. You’ll have constant access to the best help and advice our company can offer. And, all this is yours when you enroll tonight. And finally, eighth, you’ll receive, absolutely free, our special introductory sponsoring cassette tape. Simply loan this informational cassette tape to friends and acquaintances. They’ll have the opportunity to hear about how they too can join our fabulous business and get all our wonderful benefits.” Is there a difference between those two offers? Can you visualize prospects rushing to the speaker and saying, “Make me a part of this! This opportunity is for me!” Now when you bring your friend, relative or co-worker to an opportunity meeting, they will say, “Hey this is a fantastic opportunity,” instead of saying, “Fifty bucks… I get a kit… yawn… no big deal.” So let’s say you are a prospect in the real world and you had to choose between two opportunity meetings. At the end of Opportunity Meeting A, the speaker says to you, “Here’s the offer, you give me $50, and I’ll give you a kit.” Next door is Opportunity Meeting B where the speaker offers you these eight incentives to sign-up as a distributor. You would say, “Hey I want to go to Opportunity Meeting B because that’s where I’m going to get the best deal.”

Now that’s good marketing! And the best thing is that it doesn’t cost more to make the eight-benefit offer. All of the incentives are free.

We do all these benefits for our new distributors anyway. We run training meetings and help with three-way calling every week. We take these benefits for granted, but now we fully describe and package these benefits for our new prospects. You see, we know all the benefits of our company. Unfortunately, we just assume our prospects know everything we know about our business. They don’t. We have to romance our offers and educate our prospects.

Romancing the impossible
You can romance any offer and make it more effective. Prospects respond more to the romantic packaging than to the product or service. For example, network marketing superstar Tom Paredes, author of MLM War Stories, used to be an Army recruiter. He could have described the Army opportunity as follows:

It’s like going back to primary school. You will get yelled at by mean instructors, you’ll have no freedom, and all you can think about is how to escape from boot camp. We’re talking institutional food here. Basic calories, no taste. Dress code? Heavy combat boots and dull, ill-fitting uniforms. If you live through your boot camp experience you can graduate to become a moving target for enemy sharpshooters. Oh yeah, did I mention the pay? You’ll receive the absolute minimum allowed by law.

Not very enticing, is
it? Of course, Tom Paredes repackaged his offer and added a little romance. This is how he presented the Army opportunity:

Do you want fun, travel, and adventure? The Army will give you all that and more. In fact, they’ll even pay you while you are having the time of your life. Think about it. You can travel to exotic places all over the world. And, you won’t have to pay a single airline fare or hotel bill. The Army appreciates your participation so much that they even provide you with all your clothing needs with their unique designer fashions. Forget about those high clothing prices downtown. Never pay another health club membership fee again. You’ll look forward to supervised exercise instruction with a highly qualified personal trainer.


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