HOW REFRESHING… a REAL Business in the Network Marketing Industry by Brad Huebner

Brad HuebnerThey say TIMING is EVERYTHING! If you’re an experienced networker, an entrepreneur looking for a fantastic opportunity or a casualty of the economic environment, YOU have just hit the “mother load” Potion after potion, lotion after lotion and one Internet business after another PROMISING fame and fortune to ALL that get involved… how many of you have listened to MLM “big hitters” trying to convince you to join yet another home based business that will bring you a lifestyle you’ve only dreamed of? Statistics right from the Direct Selling Association show that 85-90% of the people that join the industry initially make a large purchase of products or services and then spend additional funds on a monthly auto-ship chasing the dream, then end up failing and quitting the Company. Enticing people and playing with their minds and money, full well knowing that 90% are going to fail is CRIMINAL and those that make money off the backs of failure need to take a good hard look in the mirror! NULL

Today, we are somewhere between a recession and an economic apocalypse edging towards 10% unemployment with millions of Americans from all walks of life facing life changing uncertainties. Many of these people, for the first time in their lives, will be looking at the Network Marketing Industry for a possible ANSWER to their personal dilemma.

The Direct Sales Industry is the purest form of capitalism allowing a person to create their own international business for a few hundred dollars using a Company’s complete support system allowing one to focus on just building their business! It truly is the perfect business model IF you have the right Company!

So how does a person find the RIGHT Company and overcome the 90% failure rate that plagues the industry? First, the Company had better be dealing with products and services that are absolutely essential AND be able to save people money from what they’re currently paying! Second, the Company has to have a proven track record and have substantial resources behind it. Third, the Company must provide marketing tools that explain the opportunity allowing it to be duplicable while supporting an international distributor network and finally the Company must have a fair and rewarding compensation plan. They say TIMING is EVERYTHING! If you’re an experienced networker, an entrepreneur looking for a fantastic opportunity or a casualty of the economic environment, YOU have just hit the “mother load”, without even realizing it! GiConnect, a privately owned Direct Sales Company, with proprietary products in the recession proof $4 trillion Telecommunications Industry is opening the USA Market and for once you’re in the right place at the right time! Kuba Farbiarz, Chairman, has recently returned from a 3 year journey on the stages of capital cities throughout Europe, Asia and Africa where he amassed over 800,000 Business Associates in 63 countries. He is now offering this proven opportunity, backed by substantial resources, to Americans when they desperately need it the most! We as Business Associates in GiConnect are blessed to have already learned about the opportunity to create multiple businesses from seven different telecommunication categories: Residential, VOIP, Cellular, Internet, Calling Cards, Corporate Solutions, Products & Equipment. Our Residential Products include, the Widget, the amazing telecom product you can carry in the palm of your hand that features a $20 unlimited calling package to 30 countries and all you need is a dial tone! The Voip Adapter, GiConnect’s superior product to Vonage, has a calling package for $23 per month providing unlimited calling to over 30 countries. Our GiCell Phone is an amazing “hybrid” that allows you to call on VOIP or GSM and have 10 international or domestic incoming lines with separate numbers. Our USB phone is a must for Dial up users in the massive rural markets as it allows them to talk free over the Internet with a Bose quality speaker. Our Calling Cards along with the co-operation of our parent Company, Global Phone Corporation, can give you a competitive advantage in about any market you want to develop and features that’ll open up entire industries for you to cultivate. Once again, Global Phone can offer an amazing array of Corporate Solutions for small commercial businesses to large corporate accounts including Hosted Virtual PBX Voip Systems that can eliminate costly dedicated Voice T1 circuits and POTS lines, Voice Trunks for PBX’s, Call Center Solutions and unbeatable 1+ International Callings programs. Our flagship product, The TriNet, allows residences or small businesses to ELIMINATE their telecommunications costs by saying good-bye to their local land line and long distance provider. The S1 Trinet gives you the capability to have three separate land lines and one cell phone for “pennies” a month! GiConnect’s parent Company, Global Phone is recognized as one of the world’s premier Voice Over Internet Protocal telecom suppliers, which is the future of the telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Falls Church, VA they have customers in over 130 countries with iconic international corporations, including The United Nations and The World Bank, as customers that recognize their cutting edge technology and Corporate Telecom Solutions. Global Phone is the backbone for GiConnect providing services for all the telecom products for the international network of Business Associates and their Customers. The other MAJOR asset behind the GiConnect opportunity is the synergistic relationship with the top manufacturer of cellular hardware and software in the world based in Taiwan that not only manufacturers all GiConnect products but does so for Sony Erickson and Nokia. Kuba Farbriez and the Chairman of this Company have a relationship that goes way back and it was through their combined efforts and the collaboration with each company’s engineers that developed our proprietary products. This unique relationship is the life blood and life insurance for your GiConnect business as it will continually provide new products giving us the best and most economical technology to maintain our customer base. We will also be able to cause serious havoc for domestic and international telecom companies throughout the world while creating an unbeatable opportunity for our Associates! Think about this… once GiConnect Associates in the United States experience and fully understand our products/services and share them with local ethnic groups, GiConnect will spread back across the world faster than ANY company in the history of the Network Marketing Industry. This is the SECRET of GiConnect that’ll allow you to build a dynamic international organization providing you and your family a TRUE “residual income” from countries you never even knew existed!

Remember… KNOWLEDGE is the KING that leads you to the GOLD! It’s essential that you spend the time to learn the products and the business, so you can share it with everyone you know.

You’ll know when you fully understand the MAGIC of GiConnect when you’re lying in your bed at night with your eyes wide open! You’ll then realize the POWER you have when you can help change a person’s life from despair to prosperity by leaving your “thumbprint” on a family that’ll NEVER forget you, which is the ULTIMATE GOLD that cannot be bought!


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