How to answer the question “What’s This All About?” that works EVERY time! by Beatty Carmichael

Beatty CarmichaelThe key is giving them an answer while controlling the conversation.  How many times have you called prospects and started talking with them only to have them ask, “What’s this all about?” I used to hate that question because I never knew how to answer it without getting into a question-answer session and losing my prospect. Have you ever felt that way, too? Most people start explaining their business, their products and all kinds of other stuff trying to answer the question. And when they do the prospect asks another question and you answer it… and it goes downhill from there. When it’s all said and done, the prospect, right on queue, follows his script perfectly and says, “Gee, I just don’t think this is for me, but thanks anyway” and hangs up. NULL

What just happened? What happened is the prospect took control of the conversation and ran it into the ground.

If you are going to be a great recruiter you have to learn how to answer these questions that come up all the time. Some people say to ignore the questions and don’t answer them. They’ll tell you to say something like “Tom, I’d love to answer that question but I can’t do it justice over the telephone. We just need to get together and let me explain it in person.” I think that’s a great answer, but many times our prospects don’t! So they ask again, but usually with more irritation. They’ll say, “Well, if you can’t tell me what this is about then you’re just wasting my time and I have no interest!” Ouch! That’s not the response we want! So, how do you handle this question? Here’s a suggestion, “answer” their question without losing control. You see, the key is you have to give them an answer or they will think you are avoiding the question. But at the same time you need to take back control of the conversation by asking a question yourself.

Whoever asks the questions is the one who is in control. Remember that.

So, here’s how to do it… Jill asks, “What’s this all about?” You say, “Well, Jill, have you ever noticed that any time you turn on the TV, open the newspaper or listen to the radio you can’t help but to hear something about _________?” (And that blank is whatever you do, such as “you can’t help but to hear something about [the obesity problem in America], or about [the baby boomers and how they are constantly looking to regain the vitality of youth], or about [the high cost of healthcare today with no end in sight]?”)

“Have you noticed that, Jill?” She’ll say “yes” and you reply “well, we’ve found a way to make money helping people do that. It takes too long to explain over the phone RIGHT NOW but I was calling to see if you were serious about making more money. I can’t make any promises you could be a part of what we are doing, but if it sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about I’d be willing to carve some time out of my calendar and meet with you for a few minutes one day and talk further. Is that something you would be interested in doing?”

You see how easy that is? You answer their question without really answering it which means you leave them curious… and curious people want to learn more. Then you don’t stop talking until you have asked them a question and regained control of the conversation! This is important enough that I recommend you write it down and really drill on this one until you get it down smoothly and effortlessly. It will build your confidence and save the day for you next time someone asks, “What’s this all about?”


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Beatty Carmichael
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