How to Build a Network without Harassing Your Friends or Family by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsTalk with your warm market the RIGHT way!  For years network marketers have been taught to make a list of the people they know and then call to invite them to an opportunity meeting. Few of these new networkers were ever taught what to say, so they blew most of the calls. That is one of the reasons that so many network marketers belong to the NFL (No Friends Left). Well now there is a better way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t talk with your warm market (people you know). What I am saying is do it right. Here are some great ways to approach your warm market: Business Introduction Package Send a letter introducing your new business, along with a brochure that tells about the company and products. In the letter, indicate that you have just started a home-based business and based on your financial projections, you should be able to leave your current job within X years and retire within X years.  NULL  Indicate that you are looking for business partners and product customers. Give a quick description of both. Then mention that you will be calling in a couple days to get referrals. Do not say anything about becoming a distributor or buying the products. Call a couple days after the package would arrive and discuss who they know who might be interested in making some extra money, retiring early, or who might have an interest in the products. Opinion Package Send this to people you respect. The package should include a letter telling the reader that you have started a new home-based business that you are very excited about. Indicate that you have always respected them as a business person and would like to get their opinion on the best way to build your new business. Request that they review the enclosed information (brochure, DVD, CD, CD Rom, etc.), jot down how they would build the business (if it were theirs), and that you will be calling within a couple days for their input. Call within two days of the time they receive the information and again tell them you respect their business experience and would love to hear how they recommend that you market your new business. If the ideas are good, let them know that you think they would be great at this business. If you get a positive response, continue. If not, tell them thank you for the input and move on. Curiosity Letter Write a letter that indicates to the reader that you have started a very exciting new home-based business and that based on your financial projections, you should be able to leave your job within X years and retire within X years. Indicate that you are going to be adding some partners, who can work 10 to 15 hours a week of their spare time now in exchange for serious money in a few years. Let them know that you can only work with a couple new partners at a time, so timing is critical. Tell them that if they would be interested in knowing more, they should call your 24 hour information line (3 to 5 minute message giving some surface details on the program – stay focused on the benefits) or visit your web page.

Don’t give them the whole deal in either of these, but rather create curiosity to want to find out more.

Give the options for getting more information – local business briefing, teleconference, video, audio, lunch appointment, phone call, etc. Indicate that you are looking for leaders who are looking for a way to diversify their income and that if they are interested they must call you. Let them know you will not be calling them for this first group of partners. Do not call them to follow-up. Talk with only those who call you. Keep mailing the letters until you have either exhausted your warm market (social scientists say that if you are over 30 you know over 2,000 people by name) or you have as many new distributors as you can effectively work with at that time.

If you approach your warm market the right way, you will find that they respond more positively.

For some it will be the right time and they will want more information. For others the timing will not be right for the business, but they may want information on the products/services. Whether they are interested or not, always ask for referrals – who do you know who might be interested in earning some extra money or the products. By asking for and getting referrals, you will have an endless stream of prospects.


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