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Paul MorrisLead the way by not only setting the example, but by also teaching your distributors to communicate with their group.  Communication with your group is vital. You should call every one of your personally enrolled distributors’ everyday. You should email your group leaders every other day. You can send them a testimonial of what you are experiencing as a result of consuming your company’s product or using their service or share with them a story of how you recruited you most recent new distributor, or simply send them a quote or success story from a book you may be currently reading or an audio to which you may be listening. Recommend that book to them or suggest they purchase the audio. Remember; “Leaders are readers, and readers become leaders”. “What ‘self-help’ book are you reading right now?” Well when you learn something new, call you distributors and let them know. People love it when you call them with new information. NULL

So, if you are supposed to communicate with your GROUP, let’s define who YOUR group actually is. Many of you have looked in your back office and if your plan is a binary or matrix then you see lots of spillover and you may be asking, “Will I be able to email to my group?” For most companies the answer is yes.

But the definition of YOUR group means those distributors who are enrolled by you.

Distributors who are enrolled by your sponsor and spill under you in a Matrix are THEIR group. Distributors who are enrolled by people you enrolled are THEIR group. This definition was established years ago by Rich DeVos, president of Amway Corporation which today is the largest Network Marketing Company in the world.

What this means is that the people who you personally recruited or “ENROLLED” are YOUR contacts and you are welcome and encouraged to communicate with them on a regular basis.

In many cases they are most likely personal friends of yours from previous programs or the result of advertising campaign that may have cost you a lot of money. You are entitled to train them anyway you want, discuss anything you want with them and even tell them about other programs; because they are your friends and YOU enrolled them. On the other hand we believe that someone in your upline does NOT have the same rights you do just because YOUR distributors happen to be somewhere downline from them. How to get email addresses and phone numbers of your downline? Now if you have enrolled someone who is too busy to send out their own newsletter or too busy to even forward yours along to their group; you can offer to have them print out a list of the names, phone numbers and email addresses of THEIR personally enrolled distributors and furnish the list to you and have you communicate directly with THEIR distributors with their permission. Assure them that those distributors are THEIR contacts and that you promise not to contact them to pitch them on any other program. You could even make the same offer to the person who enrolled you as number of their group has likely spilled under you. Next you can invite your enrollee’s, enrollees to furnish you with their personally enrolled distributor’s information. You could actually collect the names, numbers and email address of a large percentage of you matrix or binary, but it would have all been done with their permission and because they trusted you with that information. This is done to protect the integrity of the enroller/enrollee relationships and to prevent unscrupulous people in your upline from raiding your group. How would you like it if we allowed people in your upline to blast an email to YOUR personally enrolled distributors pitching them on a hot new deal and not only stealing them away from you for the next program but then discouraged them from continuing to work the program in which you were their sponsor? You would not like that at all. Well this policy is the best way to protect your group and to prevent that from happening.

Set up a group email list for all of your personally sponsored distributors and also a group list for all of your downline from whom you have collected email addresses.

You may want to keep a separate group list of prospects that have not enrolled yet. Send email news blurbs about your product or company or simply send out a motivational quote with a little note. Do not send an email every day or you may find them blocking your email address. Every few days would be more appropriate and not be too overwhelming. Ask each of your personally sponsored or key leaders what the best time of day is to give them a quick call to touch base. If you call and they say they are on another line or in the middle of dinner then apologize and get off the phone as fast as you can. If you keep on talking after they have told you they are busy, don’t be surprised if they don’t take your call the next time. Also, do not call them too early in the morning or too late at night. As you are developing your relationship with them ask how early or how late they would be willing to receive their call and make a note of it.

When you do communicate with your distributors, remember that communication is a two way street and let them do some of the talking and show a genuine interest in what they have to say.

When they share things with you, don’t be thinking about what you are going to say next…stop and listen to what they are telling you. But don’t just listen; really make an effort to hear what they are saying. But while they are talking to you, put yourself in their shoes and don’t just assume that what they are saying is what you think they are saying but rather listen to what they are saying from their frame of reference. As far as people in your downline that “spilled over” into your matrix; their enroller should be communicating with them. Not to worry, if a distributors enroller does not communicate with them like they should. The company usually sends out regular newsletters, plus training tips and motivational messages from one of the top trainers and top leaders in the MLM industry. So in conclusion, if every enroller takes good care of their enrollees and or is willing to allow someone else to do it, we will have a well trained and highly motivated group of distributors. The important thing is that YOU SET THE EXAMPLE for your enrollees. There is an old saying that goes like this; “What kind of a group would my group be, if all of my enrollees were just like me”.

Just imagine if you had 1,000 distributors in your group and they all COMMUNICATED with their personally sponsored distributors the way you do with your personally sponsored distributors; how informed would your entire organization be?

Lead the way by not only setting the example, but by also teaching your distributors to communicate with their group. Start communicating with your group and watch your group explode!


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