How to Gently and Ethically Persuade Your Prospects, Without Crossing the Sleazy Line of Manipulation! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxIf you’re ethical, honest, credible, and always looking out for a win/win situation, plenty of people will be persuaded to accompany you on your adventure. Everyone in business needs to be able to persuade prospects toward what you want them to do… which is ultimately to spend money with you, and become a customer… at least in the traditional sense of business. This is essential if you want to progress your business to becoming successful. And this should be the goal of any business…right? However there are some businesses and entrepreneurs that go beyond what is legitimate persuasion and into a dicey area of sleazy manipulation of which nobody in business neither likes nor needs. In the realm of network marketing and home businesses in general we see this all too often, and it’s very disheartening to those of us who work ethically to see these practices being put in place. NULL

The main reason is that it’s frustrating to see how it taints our reputation because of a few bad apples.

But to be fair, you can also look at it through the angle of some network marketers who would normally and morally conduct their marketing extremely ethically, but get sucked into the manipulative type of marketing because that’s what they’ve been taught by their up-line. Since they may have been brought into the business that way, as the supposed way of marketing, they learn by what they’ve seen being done to them. So how do YOU in fact be sure that the marketing that you’re doing is considered legitimate persuasion rather than manipulation? Well there are a few checks and balances if you will… and I’d like to point them out here for you so you never have to wonder again. Are You Being Honest? Seems pretty reasonable right? Yet so many people get caught up in thinking that it’s okay to tell a lie here and there because it might help their bottom line. You know it’s very easy to think that someone would probably be much more willing to join your business opportunity if they thought you were making $25000 per month rather than $12000 or whatever the case would be.

But in all actuality, when you’re honest with your marketing, people will line up to join you because people will go with the person who they trust the most, any day of the week.

Sure you may get more attention initially with the big hyped up numbers, but the conversions that you get with your honest marketing will be much higher for a variety of reasons. Besides just the trust issue, people are much more able to see themselves achieving the lesser amount than the higher amounts. It’s more within their grasp. Does It Lend to Your Credibility? For those of us who have principals, we often live by the saying that “our word is our bond.” To us, our reputation is everything and it very well should be.

If your marketing does not lend to your credibility then you’re probably practicing manipulation rather persuasion.

Basically if you can prove without a shadow of debate that what you’re saying is true… then not only will you be looked at as extremely credible within a sea of non-credible marketers, but you’ll see your business growing by leaps and bounds by word of mouth alone. Credible people are hard to find in this day and age, and it’s exactly what people are searching high and low for. Does It End In a Win/Win Situation? Generally when we try to actually persuade someone to do something, it’s not so that we can win, and that person can well… lose. For instance when you are meeting your friend(s) for lunch, and you persuade them to go to a certain restaurant it’s not so that you can be in control, and win, while they’re stuck eating somewhere that they’ll hate. It’s because you’re pretty darned sure that they’re going to like it as much as you do. It’s the same thing with a home based business, especially a network marketing business!

You’re not persuading people to join your business opportunity only because it’s going to make you money. You do it for the same reason you were excited about joining.

You have a real belief that great things will come out of them joining. Sure you’ll make some money when they do join, but you’re also going to take tons of time showing them the ropes (essentially earning that money) and getting them to a place where they’re earning a nice income as well. This is a win/win situation and it’s what you should be aiming for. The easiest way to make sure that you’re simply persuading and not manipulating is to be honest about your business opportunity and products. Don’t exaggerate any features. Simply point out the benefits for each feature in an honest and credible way. Once you do this, it’s up to the other person to decide whether or not what you’ve got to offer is the right thing for them. If you’re ethical, honest, credible, and always looking out for a win/win situation, plenty of people will be persuaded to accompany you on your adventure.


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