How to Go Broke in Network Marketing by Rod Nichols

rod nicholsFour simple ways to keep the money away! After twenty-eight years in network marketing, I’m convinced that most people enter the industry with the intention of going broke. The reason I believe this is that they insist on doing all the things that will insure that they never make any money in their business. Perhaps they were just looking for a great tax deduction. If you are one of those people, then this article is for you, as

I’m going to cover exactly what you need to do to go broke in network marketing.

Ignore Your Sponsor and Upline Leaders The first step is to completely ignore the training and support offered by your sponsor or upline leaders. In fact, if someone in your upline is highly successful, you should do exactly the opposite of what they tell you. If they have a time-proven marketing system, let them know that you already have your own system that is better than theirs. Whatever you do, don’t attend any of the trainings or opportunity meetings. NULL Also, don’t ask them to help you with your initial contacts, because obviously you know more than they do. When your sponsor or an upline leader calls, do not answer the phone or return their call. They are just calling to bug you and waste your time. In fact, it is better that you don’t ever talk with them, because they are just going to mess up your plan to lose money. Spend All Your Available Time Doing Unprofitable Activities The next step is to properly schedule your available time with unprofitable activities such as setting up filing systems, organizing your desk, calling and chatting with friends (making sure you don’t mention anything about your business or products), surfing the net, and playing online poker, which will add to your loses. Whatever you do, never listen to or watch any of the company CD’s or DVD’s. Never study the training manual or read any of the brochures. Don’t listen to any of the conference calls or join the web conferences.

Most of all, never, never, never talk with anyone about your business or products!

Spend a Lot of Money on Training and Marketing Systems There are obviously many top trainers in the network marketing industry who know much more about how to build a business than the person in your upline who has already built a successful business. These are big name people who are paid big time money to speak at annual conventions, so they clearly know more about building your business than your upline. Also, you’ll want to spend thousands of dollars every month on new training systems that will teach you new and confusing systems. It’s critical to your ultimate failure that you are always in a state of confusion. Finally, it’s important that you change marketing systems at least every thirty days. If you are sincere about going broke in network marketing, then you should never use a marketing system consistently. In fact, you can maximize your results if you just spend money on the training programs and marketing systems, but never actually look at or use them. Put those books and training systems on the shelf with the real estate buying programs, making money on E-bay, and the other great money making systems you’ve purchased through the years. After all, the dust in your home needs a good place to rest. Change to a New Network Marketing Company Every Six Months or Less One of the inherent problems in network marketing is that if you stay with a company long enough, you might just find yourself earning some money and we definitely don’t want that to happen, so it would be best if you never stay with a company for longer than six months. This will help you accomplish even greater loses, because you will spend hundreds of dollars to purchase new starter kits and product packages with each company you join. Plus, this way you’re sponsor and upline leaders never have enough time to help you become successful. Now, if you find that after a couple months, it appears that you are going to start making money, by all means, QUIT and move on. Always keep in mind that your purpose is to go broke in network marketing.

What? You Want to Make Money…

Well, that’s a whole different ballgame. You must be one of those two percenters that will eventually earn a full-time or big-time income in network marketing. If that’s the case, then all you have to do is the opposite of what I’ve covered in this article. Find successful people in your upline and duplicate what they’re doing. Schedule your available time with highly profitable activities like prospecting, presenting, follow-up, sponsoring, training, and supporting. Ask your successful upline leaders what training program they suggest and then stop looking.

That holds true for marketing systems, as well, find out what your upline is doing and duplicate.

Finally, if you’ve selected a solid company that is going to be around for many years, then you should never… never… never… quit! If you do these things, you will make money and if you continue doing this long enough, you will earn a full-time income. Now, if you are really serious and you go after this, there will come a day when you find yourself with no more financial worries and having the time of your life, all because you were willing to do what was necessary to make money in network marketing.


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