How to ‘Keep a Lid On’ the Taxes You Pay in These Uncertain Times by Dr. Ron Mueller

No other category of taxpayer in America that gets more deductions and tax breaks than home-business owners, period. As Congress bounces back and forth between decision and indecision about tax changes for next year – now a mere 3 months away…

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Dr. Ron Mueller

Dr. Ron Mueller MBA, PhD., has rapidly become known as “THE TAX EXPERT” in the Network Marketing Industry!

His no nonsense approach to showing Networkers How To Save more of what they earn caught the eye of and we now bring him to you!

Dr. Mueller is an investigative reporter who spent more than a year researching and documenting home-business tax breaks that have been authorized by Congressional Law, and then translating the Government-ese, IRS-ese and Legali-ese he found into People-ese, - Plain English that the average American can easily understand and quickly put to use to save thousands on their taxes.

The author, Dr. Ronald R. Mueller, is the dean of the Home Business Tax-Savings Learning Center, located at , and the author of “WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” and the “2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.”  For nearly 20 years he has been teaching network marketers about home-business tax deductions and how to qualify for them. Subscribe to his email alerts for free at
Dr. Ron Mueller
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