How to Make Sure That We Make Each Promotion Count When Promoting Ourselves and Our Business! by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinxThe faster you can get them to their solution in the form of direct benefits to them, the less work you have to do… yet the more results you’ll get.  Whether you like it or not, when you joined Network Marketing you got yourself involved in a business that’s multi-faceted. You must wear a lot of hats in this business – you’ve got to be organized, you’ve got to be willing to step out of your comfort zone; and you’ve even got to take self-development head on!

And that’s just the beginning. To be successful it’s vital that you PROMOTE. Yet even promotion isn’t a cut and dry event in this business.

You’ve got to be promoting your business opportunity, your products, and just as importantly – if not more so – you’ve got to make sure that you’re promoting YOU! When someone is looking to join a network marketing business, they’re looking to join with a person that can teach them what needs to be done in order to be able to succeed with that business. NULL

They’re looking for a mentor, and a trainer with credibility… therefore all of your marketing and promotion efforts need to be selling that side of the equation. While at the same time, you need to also give credibility to your opportunity and to the products that drive that opportunity. How Can You Best Cover All Bases In Your Promotions Without Going Nuts… There’s a bit of a shortcut to all types of promotion that hugely heightens the effect of all promotion while decreasing effort… basically making you a more efficient marketer, and getting more miles out of each promotion that you run.

That shortcut is achieved by using BENEFITS! Benefits sell while features tell… and while you need both… the ratio should favor largely on the side of benefits.

This is because benefits tap directly into the emotional side of your prospect and that’s ultimately where the buying/joining decision is made. The features will be relied on heavily later to justify the decision in the prospects mind on logical terms as to whether they’ve made the right decision. But it’s our job to get them to that point in the first place by closing the sale. For example when someone is looking to start a home based business, what are they actually looking for? At this point do they really care about what the products are made of, or whether or not your compensation is a binary or a forced matrix plan, or even how many awards that you’ve won within your company? At this early point they’re looking for either freedom from the nine to five, they hate their boss and want to get away from them, they want a way to get out of debt and from underneath their financial circumstances, or they’re looking to invest in a business to get ahead. Usually it’s one of the first 3 – mainly people running away from PAIN toward pleasure. So your marketing first has to hit them smack in the face with those benefits that are going to be solutions to what they’re mind happens to be fixated upon. So you must capture their attention… and the way to do this is with a strong headline of some type of course. Next they’re going to want more specifics. But don’t let that fool or confuse you. Specifics doesn’t mean specifications, specifics means SPECIFIC BENEFITS.

They’ll want to know what’s so great about YOU that you can show them how to get away from their problems and closer to the solutions.

They’ll want this spelled out in benefits such as the fact that you have: A system that’s automated A system that’s proven; A fast way to start making money; A step-by-step strategy that’s easy to learn, And that you’ve got a great track record with other people just like them and those people saw massive results. Then and only then can you go into the specifications of your compensation plan. But easy… don’t go too deep or you’ll lose them. Stay with the benefits of the comp plan: Fast start bonuses; High monthly payouts; the fact that they can make money each and every month off of one sale (residual income); Vacations; Bonuses; etc.

The point is that people always want to know and always have in the forefront of their mind “What’s In It For Me”.

Some network marketers take a long time to get to that point in their promotions therefore losing a lot of people along the way who have no time to wait for the punch line. They want a fix to their pressing financial problems, the lack of freedom problem, or hate of their boss problem… and they want it yesterday. The faster you can get them there to that solution in the form of direct benefits to them, the less work you have to do… yet the more results you’ll get. You already have so much to do with your network marketing business, so make each promotion really count!


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