How to Make Your Business Irresistibly Attractive by Karen Justice

Karen JusticeAn interview with Karen where she talks about how irresistible attraction is a natural way to create excitement and enthusiasm about what YOU are promoting.  In your book you talk about the notion of irresistible attraction and how it can create greater success for people in their businesses. What is irresistible attraction? Irresistible attraction is a natural way to create excitement and enthusiasm about what you’re promoting. Most people are very afraid of the idea of sales – statistics tell us that approximately 90 to 95 percent of the population are not sales types. But many of these people would like to be successful in Network Marketing.

I believe the key to success is deciding to be successful, but when people have this fear, they never even reach that point.

I did a survey into an area of my group and found out that one of the largest areas of resistance to building a home-based business in referral-based marketing was fear of being seen as salespeople. It’s funny, because we’ve all been subjected to pressure from poor salespeople and we all hate it! NULL

Since most of us feel this way, though, isn’t it reasonable to assume that in referral-based marketing, this type of approach doesn’t work? How successful can it be long-term? I’m curious about why most people feel that they’d have to act like that to be successful in Network Marketing. I find that the exact opposite is true, and that’s the basis for the idea of irresistible attraction – finding out what kind of presentation does work for the average person, and translating it into a formula that can actually get anybody excited. My marketing premise is simply that average people are much more successful just being themselves. If you understand how to use irresistible attraction, you just educate people and they excite themselves. It comes naturally out of real world conversations, no canned or manipulative techniques.

I believe that the average person in fact has an advantage over the sales type if they just learn to make natural presentations based on their own honest convictions.

When a presentation comes from sincere belief, people pick up on that and get involved on a much deeper level. They see the presenter as being like themselves. That’s very, very key, because that’s what allows trust to develop. When I have a distributor who has trouble interesting people, I tell them to quit selling and go back to making conversational, sincere presentations. You need to have people feel they could give the same type of presentation they’ve heard – that’s the first step in duplication. If you can naturally share enthusiasm and excitement without expectation, you pass it on to others. The result of that interaction is irresistible attraction. Is this response accessible to anyone? Explain in more detail, please, how people can leverage their own excitement to create irresistible attraction in a prospect. First, this is definitely something that anyone can do – provided you are in fact excited about your involvement in Network Marketing. Excitement creates a mysterious electric current that flows between people. It can’t be seen any more than electricity can, but it can be felt. Enthusiasm is contagious. Your excitement alone is enough to pass the spark of excitement to other people.

You encourage that spark by learning to ask questions and really listen.

That’s very important. You really have to learn to let people in, and if you do, it becomes easy to share excitement. The first step in creating irresistible attraction is to make a presentation by asking casual questions in conversation. Questions just naturally get people talking, they create dialogue. If the person is even mildly interested in your story, you want to find out what caused that little bit of interest. What lit them up? You can even pick that up over the telephone. By asking questions, you want to find out what it was that interested them. In most .cases, they will gladly tell you. Whatever caught their interest is the benefit they want, and if you’re listening, you can align your presentation accordingly. You show them how they could receive those particular benefits, and since they’re benefits they desire – they’ve just told you so – they are naturally interested. It’s really an educational process. Asking questions and listening carefully lets you create irresistible attraction by finding out what benefit they want, and then showing them how they can get it. Unlike in a sales process, they excite themselves. But that only happens if you let other people talk. You have to give them the chance to get excited and express that. A lot of people are just involved in monologues. I call it shotgun marketing – they start talking and will say anything to get a little bit of interest going, but instead, they see people’s eyes glazing over pretty quickly. If enthusiasm is contagious, can it transfer in the opposite direction as well? Meaning, if you’re fearful of rejection, can that inspire people to reject you? Absolutely. Fear and neediness show, and if people perceive that when you’re making a presentation, they definitely back up. I’ve seen it over and over again. A lot of times this happens to people when they’re trying to get a commitment, when they want to take the order. The conversation has gone well until that point, but all of a sudden, the prospect is confronted with a feeling of urgency and need. You know what I mean? They start to get suspicious and resistant. Many people can make natural presentations that are enthusiastic, but as soon as they have to ask for an order, they get all panicky and nervous. What do you think that comes from? I think it’s because that is the moment when they expect to be seen as a sales type. They don’t know how to make a comfortable transition from the nice conversation they’ve been having with their friends to taking an order. They’re afraid they’ll be showing a very unattractive quality. And so they do. Right, and what I give them is a way to be able to bypass that in a nice conversational way that they can feel comfortable with. And it always leads towards getting the order, but without putting themselves in that uncomfortable situation.

What I teach people to do, if they perceive interest, is offer two positive choices.

Just say something like, “Well, if you’re interested, the best way to get started is the way that I got started which is by …” and then offer another positive choice, such as another way to get started, or becoming a customer, whatever fits your company. This lets you bypass the need to ask a “yes or no” type question, like, “So, do you want to do this or not?” which is usually what makes people feel uncomfortable. You can memorize the phrase and still sound natural every time. You won’t seem pushy, and you can even say it early on in the conversation so that people have the two positive choices in their minds as they are listening to your presentation. People love to make choices, and when you offer someone two positive choices, they are very likely to choose one. If you offer them a positive and a negative, they are also likely to choose one – but it’s much more likely to be negative. You can increase your odds of a “Yes” dramatically by using this method. Many people have told me they’ve reached the top of their companies with this phrase. So irresistible attraction is the ability to inspire enthusiasm in somebody else. Somehow it becomes about them and that’s what makes it irresistible? That’s exactly true.

When you give people the opportunity to tell you about their own values, the conversation is about them. As soon as it becomes about them, the person is very interested because people are always interested in themselves.

If you’ve aligned your presentation accordingly, people get very excited. There are so many people tha
t come to me with a disproportionate number of objections, and what I’ve found is that these people have never seen that spark of interest in their prospect’s eyes. They have never aligned their presentation in a way that responded to a prospect’s personal interest. That tells me that they’re not asking any questions, they’re talking at people. These people are usually delivering monologues that include the answer to every conceivable objection they’ve ever come across. Prospects become so bored and disinterested that price objection, for example, is an easy way out of the conversation – they give a price objection that really isn’t one. So when I find a person who’s getting a lot of price objections, I generally know they’re not listening or making a presentation that has any value to the prospect. If you can identify the value for someone, even if they’re broke they’ll find the money to do it. You also have to be careful that you offer benefits that are


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