How To Speak So People Listen by Sean Murphy

SeanMurphyYour next conversation will happen very soon, learn to speak with all your senses They are doing all the talking! No matter what you think, or how good your presentation is, they are doing all the talking. Let me see if I can explain my point of view. Right now, you are reading this, and you are beginning to make some judgments on this article. Where is that conversation happening? Right, inside your head. The same holds true when you are presenting. So the theme for this months Network Marketing Magazine is: Persuasion: How to Speak So People Listen. Secret:

93% of how we speak is NOT the words we use. So if you really want people to listen, you need to get better at your non verbal conversation.

And before you tell me, “but Sean, I do most of my “speaking” over the phone, there is nothing I can do better, cause I’m not face to face”. NULL

For you I say, you more then anyone needs to get better at your non-verbal. I’ll explain in a bit. So what can you do to speak more effectively, here are some points in no particular order. Learn to listen with all your senses. That means listen with your eyes, your ears, your heart, your intuition.

When you are in a state of listening, you will be amazed at how much better you are at communicating with that other person.

You will say more of the right things, and you will be able to keep on track with the roller coaster of thoughts that are happening in their mind. Ask to understand them better. After the person makes a comment, and you know there could be a few different answers or meanings to what they shared, ask to understand it better, you want to be clear on what they are saying. When you do this, you will be surprised… sometimes, the answer changes or gives a new twist that was not there before. Be there to guide, not direct. People love to buy, they hate to be sold. So as you are having your conversation, there will be points of info that they just dive into and want more of it. Ask questions… why they like that, what about that makes them excited..

So getting people to listen to what you are saying happens very easily. It happens when they are the focal point, and when you know the conversation is based on learning more about them, not teaching them how much you know.

Your next conversation will happen very soon, learn to speak with all your senses, and hear with all your senses, and when you do, there is no doubt they will hear you and hear your message. Your friend and student, Sean G Murphy


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