How to Use Print Advertising – To Get Rich in 2013! by Bob Schwartz

Bob SchwartzIt’s absolutely thrilling to help a fellow small business owner create an advertisement that generated them more business. My name is Bob Schwartz, publisher of Home Business Advertiser. I must tell you that I am absolutely thrilled that you are, or want to be, your own boss. Home Business Advertiser (HBA) has really helped improve my life and my family’s life, and I know it can improve yours too! Please let me explain. A little over 15 years ago, I was working 2nd and 3rd shift (swing shifts) at a chemical/paint factory in Belvidere, New Jersey. I was making about $12 an hour, so working enough overtime (50 hours a week) I was making a little over $30,000 a year. It wasn’t hard work, but there were a lot of things I didn’t like about the job. The chemicals we worked with were extremely hazardous and required us to use protective clothing (rubber gloves, aprons, goggles, etc.) Also, there were even more harmful chemicals that required the use of a protective breathing respirator. (I never felt very comfortable wearing those darn respirators!) NULL

One night at the factory, I distinctly remember having one of those “Aha!” moments when I realized that I had been following someone else’s plan for my life.

Working at the factory, I was told “when” I was to work, “how much” I was going to be paid, “who” I was going to work for, and “how” I could retire someday (doing the same job for the next 40 years, while sticking 4% of my paycheck each week in a 401k.) It’s a little embarrassing to admit this, but it’s the truth, so I’ll tell you I really was sucked into believing that I had a good deal going. My “Aha!” moment really woke me up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could find a career that I actually enjoyed something that gave me a sense of purpose something that would make “work” fun and enjoyable.

I started dreaming about having not just enough money, but more-than-enough, spending more quality time with my family, and finding a line of work that I could really enjoy and get excited about!

Well, I praise God for ‘fate and circumstance’ because it wasn’t more than 3-4 months after my “Aha!” moment that I found a new job working for a small, start-up publishing company in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania called Cutting Edge Media. My job was to sell print advertising in two niche magazines: Home Business Connection & Cutting Edge Opportunities. In my first year, I think I made a little over $35,000. Within three years, I was earning a substantial, six-figure income. And, I wasn’t the only one. There were two other “ad men” there, selling print advertising in our little, niche-market magazines, who were also earning very high six-figure incomes. You might not believe this next part, but I hope you really take it to heart. Do you know what was EVEN better than this newfound, incredible income I was making? It was having fun at my work and helping business owners (other people) market themselves. It’s absolutely thrilling to help a fellow small business owner create an advertisement that generated them more business. It gave me such an incredible feeling of accomplishment and purpose! I loved my work, and I still love it today, but I’m not working for Cutting Edge Media anymore. I realized several years ago that this system of marketing and selling ads was duplicable. To make a long story short, I left Cutting Edge Media after about 6 years, and, with my old boss’s blessing, started my own magazine: Home Business Advertiser Magazine. How can Home Business Advertiser help you? This one is fairly obvious: advertise! Over the last 7 years of publishing the magazine, we’ve built relationships with over five hundred home business owners. Over 80% of these people have advertised with us consistently, not just month after month, but year after year! There are people like Larry Oxenham who’s been my “page 7” advertiser for almost 3 years straight. Larry’s one of the most trusted people in his industry. He offers a simple system that almost anyone can duplicate. Larry has earned over $500,000 in the past few years, and if you ask me, he will make a whole lot more with his new marketing strategies that he has planned for 2012 and beyond. There’s Paul Mason, a 35-year veteran of network marketing. Paul has advertised with me in (almost) every issue of HBA for 7 years. Paul wrote a piece called, “The Biblical Keys to Network Marketing” that you will find in this issue. Paul and his wife Eunice live in New Mexico; have five adult children and twelve (living) grandchildren. Previously, Paul published his own local magazine and now owns his own stand at a Farmer’s Market grows and sells his own fruits and vegetables. He says it’s a great place to meet prospects for his network marketing business. I think about Randy Wolf. Randy is not just an “ad broker” for Home Business Advertiser, but he is a very dear friend. I remember the day in 2005 I called Randy and asked him to start his own MLM/Network Marketing magazine. Randy said, “You do it Bob, and I’ll help you sell ads!” That was in 2005, and here we are 7 years later in 2013. Because of Randy’s outstanding design department (his wife Carol), incredible low rates, and extraordinary service, Wolf Enterprises places between 10-12 pages of ads in each issue of Home Business Advertiser. (It gives me great confidence knowing that 75-80% of Randy’s advertisers are ad renewals.) There’s Kyle Schmalhofer, the Associate Publisher of HBA. Kyle has built great relationships with dozens and dozens of home business marketers like: Gerald Peters, Matt Sunderland, Chris Campbell, Russ Von Hoelscher, Tim Rohr, Tim Berger, America’s Media Classifeds, and Reginald Jackson who all run their ads (almost religiously) in Home Business Advertiser because they know HBA makes them money. The fact is, if we can help an advertiser make one, $3500 sale, off a $795 ad, we have a happy advertiser. There are people like Paul Korzeniowski. Paul’s the owner of ABM (American Bill Money). I met Paul last summer in Virginia Beach, VA. He showed me his postcard mailing system, and convinced me of the idea to place a full page ad for American Bill Money in HBA. Eight months later, HBA makes almost $1,000 a month (and growing) by promoting ABM with one full page ad. Why does Home Business Advertiser work? HBA is co-operative magazine. It costs around $40,000 to design, print, and mail each issue of Home Business Advertiser. And, we mail to the absolutely best opportunity buyers lists in the country. Do you know what it would cost to mail a simple postcard to 25,000 prospects? By the time you pay for design, printing, mailing lists, and postage – you’d be looking at spending almost $11,000. That’s crazy. And, you might not have mailed the right mailing list.

HBA offers you the opportunity to co-op (share) the cost with other advertisers and bring your cost (to reach 25,000 prospects) down to $325 for a quarter-page ad, $495 for a half page ad, and $795 for a full page ad.

Home Business Advertiser does the design, the printing, the mailing list procurement, and pays the postage. What’s my next step? Well, if you’re still looking for a great opportunity to work from home, look through an issue, and call or contact the advertisers that most interest you. Don’t be afraid to call a few of them, and find something that really looks, feels and sounds right to you. If you already have a home based business and you want to promote it, call us. We’ll take time to get to know you, and your business, and help you create a winning ad campaign that could last for years and years, and make 2013 the start of something totally amazing for you and your family!


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