“I am not interested” and other objections. by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

“I am not interested” and other objections.

Ever get the pyramid objection?

Well, do we see people walking down the street and all of a sudden they throw their hands into the air and yell, “It is a pyramid!”

No. We don’t see that. It must have been something we said or did to create that objection.

So yes, we cause all of our objections.

But now it is too late. We have to handle these objections and that means, “Changing our prospects’ minds.”

A common objection is, “I am not interested.” Our prospects say that before they even know what it is. Frustrating. So out of the several solutions in the book, let’s take a look at this one.

Objection: “I am not interested. I am too busy already.”

Us: “You are the busiest person I know. You have no time to visit. I can help you have more time. Could we talk about it during lunch one day, so it wouldn’t take away any of your precious time?”

Now, ask ourselves, what is the pattern that makes this work? And if this answer doesn’t work, should we use a different pattern?

Learning how to answer objections is an important skill.

We will get objections all the time. Want another example of an objection we hear?

Prospect: “I want to think it over.”

Us: “I want you to spend more time, days and weeks, checking out the competition. You should compare tiny details, and put off starting your business. You should only start after you finish collecting information. That way, weeks or months for now, when you are finally ready to start earning money, you will realize that our opportunity and training will be the best choice.”

See what is happening with this pattern? And if we don’t like this pattern, we could use a different pattern for this same objection.
Here are a few objections that we cover in the book:

“I am not interested.”
“I need to think it over.”
“I don’t have any money to get started.”
“I don’t know how to do this.”
“I don’t think I have the personality to do this business.”
“I don’t feel confident that this business will work for me.”


All these are covered in “Strategy #6: Handling objections.”

But there is so much more in this book to help us go directly to the “yes” decision in our prospects’ minds.

There are plenty of strategies that might put thousands into our pockets by just saying the right words.

Here is the list of the 10 strategies from the book:

Strategy #1: No dumping allowed!
Strategy #2: Questions.
Strategy #3: What is better than questions?
Strategy #4: The science of short.
Strategy #5: Emotion is our prospect’s friend.
Strategy #6: Handling objections.
Strategy #7: Use analogies, similes, metaphors and examples.
Strategy #8: Patterns become smooth pathways for our prospects’ minds.
Strategy #9: Our biased prospects only hear part of what we say.
Strategy #10: Stories are irresistible.


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