“I feel bad selling to friends and family.” By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Bad feelings? Why?

The answer is, “These bad feelings are self-induced.”

These feelings come from when we try to “sell” someone … something they do not need.

We have a twisted view that selling is getting people to do something that will not help them. Instead, let’s adjust our view.

Here is how selling works.
Step #1. Listen to our prospects to see if they have a problem.
Step #2. Ask them if they want to fix their problem.
Step #3. Find out when they want to fix their problem? Now, or sometime in the future.
Step #4. If they want to fix their problem now, we give them the option of what we offer, or they can continue keeping their life the same.

The good news is that we have many benefits to offer that our friends and family will want. All we have to do is be polite and ask them if they want these benefits or not.

Practice these 2 words for shorter presentations.

Prospects are skeptical. This means we must spend a lot of time proving each of our new facts. A big waste of time for our prospects and us.

Let’s attempt this shortcut. This will make it easier for our prospects to accept our new information quickly, without long explanations.

Here are the 2 words:

“Everybody knows …”

By putting these two words in front of new information, it can trigger these thoughts in our prospects. “Uh, everybody knows. Okay. Let’s see. I am part of everybody. And if everybody knows, that means I already know this, so it must be true. Because what I know is true.”

Overly simplified for sure, but we get the idea. Let’s listen and feel how natural these phrases sound.
• “Everybody knows inflation is bad.”
• “Everybody knows our raises won’t keep up with inflation.”
• “Everybody knows that ordinary dieting fails.”
• “Everybody knows our jobs interfere with our week.”
• “Everybody knows we must treat wrinkles from the inside.”
• “Everybody knows electricity prices keep going up.”

Adding these two words can shorten our presentation, so we can spend more time on what really matters.

“My soul will die …”

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