I Hate………… By George Madiou


the fact that the most important force in Network Marketing, is not recognized, championed and celebrated, more than any other force in network marketing.

That is the incredible force of, Women in network marketing!

I have been in the network marketing industry for decades and have been the publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine for 15 years and one thing stands out. Women are the backbone of this industry. There are 3 things that come to my mind, why this is so.

Women have an intense level of caring and concern.

Network marketing is a caring business. As a provider of product or services, caring for your customers is key. Women have a unique ability of honing on on the needs of potential customers.

As a business builder, women are often more concerned about the “WHY” a team member has chosen to make their decision to become a business builder.

Both as a customer or a business builder, women’s intense level of caring and concern allow women to be solid business people! 


Women are incredible multi-taskers and learners.

Wife, mom, friend, career women and networker, most women have multi-tasking perfected over their male counterpart. Having to learn skill-sets, and often quickly and accurately, is an incredible life talent.

Men are often one track doers and learners.  This is probably one of the reasons women are in the great majority in network marketing.


Women have an unbelievable ability to listen!

This one skill-set could be one of the biggest takeaways in this article that men can benefit from. Customers and business partners will often tell you what they want and need. The listening skills that many women posses is a key factor of their success.

I recognize, champion and celebrate, these skill-sets that women posses that make them THE driving force in network marketing. Pay attention men!

George Madiou
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